Host I Can

In just a few years, HostICan has quickly expanded from just a few customers to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. We've grown from home offices to our current headquarters just outside Richmond, Virginia. Our commitment to quality has allowed us to excel and provide our customers with excellent value at an unbeatable cost.

Mission Statement

HostICan was built to provide our customers with satisfaction, value, speed and reliability.

General Overview

HostICan is a privately owned web hosting company based just outside of Richmond, Virginia providing web hosting services that meets every budget from shared hosting to dedicated servers. We have tailored our services to a wide audience, ranging from individuals to small businesses. We provide infrastructure, quality, and reliability at an unbeatable value. This is what really set us apart and helps us sleep well at night.

Customer Focus

Every customer is unique. We design our products with your specific needs in mind. Customer feedback is an important part of our process as we strive to bring new and innovative products to you. We know you want simplicity, so we make it simple. If you need guidance, we're there for you.

Company Location

You've heard the saying "location, location, location."? One of our advantages is our 24/7 "location". You can feel confident that we are always right there when you need us. Get in contact with us, we are looking forward to speaking with you.