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				This class can pull the contacts from Zyb.com account. 
				It needs a Zyb.com user name and private key. It can be obtained by loging into zyb.com account
				and going to settings. Zyb.com returns lots of information, by little modification in this class you can pull all.
				Written By: Arfeen


			class ZYBImport {
							 function __construct($ZybUser,$ZybKey){ 
							 				$this->APIPath = "http://zyb.com/".$ZybUser."/contacts.json?key=".$ZybKey;
							 function GetZybContacts(){
												$RawContacts = file_get_contents($this->APIPath);
							 					$Contacts = json_decode($RawContacts, true);		// It returns contacts in JSON format.
							 					return $Contacts;
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