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YACF - Yet Another Contact Form!
by: Aaron Colman

[Last update: July 11th, 2007]

Hey folks.

Yes, there are already dozens of contact forms on
the net. 

Sadly, most of them either lack decent features or
have huge security holes.

Not this one. This is the one I give my clients. It
supports an unlimited number of subjects and can send
the email to different addresses based on the subject
they choose. Combine this with the power of an 
autoresponder like Infinite Responder at: 

And you've got an automated client management system
all ready to go. 

YACF also validates the form before it processes it,
so they can't forget the subject line nor will they
ever have to hit the back button and retype their
entire message. It plugs easily into any web system
thru a series of 4 optional templates.

I've also added a URL counter to prevent form-based
url spamming. Makes life a little better.

Install instructions are in the PHP file. Go wild!
                                - Aaron
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