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//test script to check the function of the class "credit_card" implemented in cls_CreditCard.php.
include ("./incfiles/cls_CreditCard.php"); //note you will need to modify this to wherever you copy the class to
if (isset($CCNo))
{ $CC_Data=credit_card::check($CCNo,$VFr,$VTo);
  if ($CC_Data['Valid']==true) {$cresult="";} else {$cresult="*** NOT ***";}
  if ($CC_Data['CanAccept']==true) {$aresult="TRUE";} else {$aresult="FALSE";}
  $out="<h1>Credit card class, test container</h1>
  Credit Card: Number is ".$cresult." valid.<BR>
  Credit Card: ".$CCNo[0].$CCNo[1].$CCNo[2].$CCNo[3]." ".$CCNo[4].$CCNo[5].$CCNo[6].$CCNo[7]." ".$CCNo[8].$CCNo[9].$CCNo[10].$CCNo[11]." ".$CCNo[12].$CCNo[13].$CCNo[14].$CCNo[15]." <br>
  Index:       ".$CC_Data['Index']."<br>
  Type:        ".$CC_Data['Type']."<br>
  Can Accept:  ".$aresult."<br>";
if (isset($VFr) or isset($VTo))
{ if ($CC_Data['VTo']==FALSE) {$VToCode=" is ";} else {$VToCode=" is NOT ";}
  if ($CC_Data['VFr']==FALSE) {$VFrCode=" is ";} else {$VFrCode=" is NOT ";}
$out .= "Issue No / Date from ".$VFrCode." valid<BR>";
$out .= "Date To ".$VToCode." valid</p><HR>";
$out .= "<form name=\"mainform\" action=\"testccclass.php\" method=\"$FrmAct\">";
$out .= "Card No:   <input type=\"text\" name=\"CCNo\" value=\"".$CCNo."\" width=\"30%\"><BR>";
$out .= "Valid From:<input type=\"text\" name=\"VFr\" value=\"".$VFr."\" width=\"30%\"><BR>";
$out .= "Valid To:  <input type=\"text\" name=\"VTo\" value=\"".$VTo."\" width=\"30%\"><BR>";
  $out .= "<HR><div align=\"center\"><input type=\"submit\" name=\"cmdSearch\" value=\"Go Check\"></div><HR>";
<TITLE>Test container for Credit Card Validation class</TITLE>
<?PHP echo "$out" ?>
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