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		<link rel="sapi" href="examples/sdcsample1.xml" />
		<link rel="sapi" href="examples/ddcsample1.xml" />
		<link rel="sapi" href="examples/admin_interfaces.xml" />
		.box {padding: 5px; border: 1px solid Gray} 
		A {padding: 5px; border: 1px solid Gray;  text-decoration: underline; } 
		<h1><sapi:apply name="qc.doctitle.value" /></h1> 
		<sapi:apply name="qc.content.value" /><br /><br />
		Sample of a common content: <div class="box"><sapi:apply name="sdc.sdcsample1.value" /></div><br />
	    Sample of a environment variable: <div class="box"><sapi:apply name="name4.value" /> </div><br />
	    Sample of a environment variable inside tag attribute: <a sapi:title="name5.value">Bring mouse cursor over this link</a><br /><br />
		Sample of a DDC (UI form): <div class="box">
		<sapi:apply name="ddc.ddcsample1.value">
			<sapi:param name="param1">display</sapi:param>
		</div><br />
		<?SYSTEM echo "Processing instructions inclusion sample"; ?>
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