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{if $smarty.request.u == NULL}
        {assign var="sid" value="browse_php"}
        {assign var="sid" value=$smarty.request.u}


{xmap file="/projects/smarty/templates/sitemap.xml" assign="sitemap" rule="ancestor" debug=0 id=$sid invert=TRUE}
You are at ::
{foreach from=$sitemap key="id" item="map"}
        <a href="?u={$id}">{$map.name}</a> |

{xmap file="/projects/smarty/templates/sitemap.xml" assign="sitemapHere" rule="here" debug=0 id=$sid}
<b><a href="?u={$sid}">{$sitemapHere[$sid].name}</a></b>

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Please note: this template example is the Smarty version of XNavigator, a LPGL subpackage of XMap.
Take a look on XMap at <a href="http://www.phpclasses.org/browse.html/package/581.html">PHPClasses.org</a>
or at <a href="http://freshmeat.net/projects/xmap">freshmeat.net</a>.
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