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x64Feeds Generator 1.1.1
Raphael G. www.atomo64.tk hide@address.com

When using the caching feature, make sure that there's a directory called cache/, where the cached data is going to be stored. And make sure that PHP can create new files and write, since PHP usually is executed as 'nobody' CHMOD 0776 is needed.

Even when you give the data to the generator a database name must be given, because it is used when reading/saving from/to the cache.

The Atom 0.3 template is not completely valid, but it works with all the tested feeds readers.

To test the generator open the examples like this:


Where FORMAT is the format of the feeds(the file name of the template).
This is in 'path' mode. When 'query' mode is used, open like this:


For more information open x64_feeds.php and read the comments.

You can use mod_rewrite to give a better 'look' to your feeds, but it requires to make some tricks to the class. An example of the .htaccess file could be:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^feeds/([^/\.]+)\.xml$ feeds.php?format=$1 [L]
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