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//     X7 Chat Upgrade Instructions - Version 2.0.0          //
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*****  Contents *****
	1) Information
	2) Pre-Upgrade
	3) Upgrade Instructions
	4) Post-Upgrade

***  Information  ***
	Use these instructions to upgrade from a previous version of X7 Chat 2.
	You cannot upgrade from X7 Chat Version 1 to X7 Chat Version 2 using these
	instructions.  Instructions for upgrading from Version 1 to Version 2 are
	in the file upgradev1.txt, which is also located in the docs directory.
	You may upgrade directly from Alpha-1 to Alpha-3, you do not need to perform
	an upgrade for each version.
	A Patch system has not been finished yet, this means that any upgrade will 
	destroy any modifications you have made to your chat room code.  A patch system 
	is currently being developed to change only the files that were updated in the 
	release and not to disturb custom modifications.  You can expect this system
	to be finished around the time V2 beta is released.

***  Pre-Upgrade ****
	Upload the new X7 Chat files and overwrite the old ones.  You must keep your
	OLD config.php (don't overwrite it, don't upload the new config.php) and if you
	modified any of the default themes you do not need to overwrite those either.
	CHMOD 777 the old config.php file on the server so that it can be updated with
	the new version information.
***  Upgrade Instructions ***
	After the new files have been uploaded to replace the old ones follow these
		Step 1) Visit http://yourwebsite.com/path_to_x7chat/install.php.  Of
		course you must replace "yourwebsite.com" with the actual address of
		your site and "/path_to_x7chat" with the actual path to the 
		directory that you uploaded X7 Chat to.  The install.php file
		will guide you through the rest of the upgrade process.  As long as you
		did not overwrite your old config.php file, the installer will automatically
		detect that you wish to upgrade.
		Assistance) If you need assistance with these instructions please
		visit http://help.x7chat.com.
***  Post-Upgrade ***
	After upgrading you MUST deleted the install.php and the upgradev1.php file.  If you do not
	anybody can get administrator access.
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