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//                                                       \\
//           X7 Chat Version                     \\
//           Released Jan 6, 2007                        \\
//           Copyright 2003-2007 By The X7 Group         \\
//           Website: http://www.x7chat.com              \\
//                                                       \\

*** Official Readme ***

	1) Installation
	2) Bugs
	3) Documentation (and Tech Support Information)
	4) License
	5) Authors
	6) History

**** Installation *****
	Please see the file docs/install.txt for installation instructions

******** Bugs *********
	If you find a bug in the software please E-Mail hide@address.com or
	visit http://www.x7chat.com to report it.  We appreciate all bug reports.
	There are currently issues with the Joomla and PhpBB3 integration files.
	We are working to resolve them.

**** Documentation ****
	1) For users
		Documentation for users is included with the download.  It can be
		accessed by clicking the help link which is at the bottom of the
		room list page.  A copy of this documentation is also available
		on our help page at http://help.x7chat.com.

	2) For administrators
		Documentation for administrators is available at our online help
		center.  Please visit http://help.x7chat.com and select the
		Administrator Documentation link.

	3) For developers
		Documentation for developers is available at our online help center.
		Please visit http://help.x7chat.com and select the Developer
		Documentation link.

	If additional help is needed you may contact our support team at
	hide@address.com or you may post your query on the support forum
	which is located at http://forum.x7chat.com.  Support is not provided
	by any other than these two methods.

******* License *******
	This program is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
	All images, source code, documentation and other files included in
	this package are copyright 2004-2005 by The X7 Group unless otherwise
	noted.  Use of this program signifies that you agree to abide by the
	terms and conditions set forth in the file "license.txt" and
	"gnu_gpl.txt". If either of these files was not included in the download
	please visit http://x7chat.com/download.php and download an official
	copy of X7 Chat.

	Failure to abide by the terms and conditions will result in
	immediate termination of your right to use the X7 Chat software and may
	result in other legal actions.

******* Authors *******
	This script was produced by The X7 Group.
	Lead Developer was Tim C.
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