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*** Introduction ***
This documentation explains how to use the Mysql mUltiuSEr system, MUSE for short.  (Yes, I
randomly selected letters out of the words)

MUSE allows you to use more then one MySql user to access the chat room database.  This is
useful for getting around the max_questions resource that MySql 4 implemented to limit
the number of queries each user account could run per hour.  You should read your webhosts
Terms Of Service before using this, it may be illegal on some webhosts because it is
meant to circumnavigate this limit.

*** How To Use ***
In order to use MUSE you will need to be able to create more then one MySql user account
with permission to access the same database.  This guide does not cover creating MySql
user accounts.  User accounts can be created using a control panel like vDeck or cPanel.
Both of these panels allow you to create more then one MySql user account with permission
to the same database.  You can use as many MySql user accounts as you want, for the sake
of this guide I will assume you are using two, since that is probably as many as you'll
ever need anyway.

First you need to configure the config file.  Start your FTP program and download
the config.php file off your webserver onto your harddrive.  Open it up, you should see
the configuration values that you entered when you installed the chat room.  You will also
see a set of several variables that are commented out.  (Any line starting with // is a 
comment).  First we have to change the database type, change the $X7CHAT_CONFIG['DB_TYPE']
from "mysql" to "mysql_muse".  Now, uncomment the following lines:  (DO NOT UNCOMMENT THE 
	// $MUSE_DB['current'] = 1;
	// $MUSE_DB['user_1'] = "";
	// $MUSE_DB['pass_1'] = "";
	// $MUSE_DB['user_2'] = "";
	// $MUSE_DB['pass_2'] = "";
So that it looks like this:
	 $MUSE_DB['current'] = 1;
	 $MUSE_DB['user_1'] = "";
	 $MUSE_DB['pass_1'] = "";
	 $MUSE_DB['user_2'] = "";
	 $MUSE_DB['pass_2'] = "";
Now, fill in the values for your MySql user accounts.  Username 1 goes in the user_1
variable, the password for user account 1 goes in the pass_1 variable and so on.  If you
need more then 2 users simply add more lines and increase the number like this:
	 $MUSE_DB['current'] = 1;
	 $MUSE_DB['user_1'] = "";
	 $MUSE_DB['pass_1'] = "";
	 $MUSE_DB['user_2'] = "";
	 $MUSE_DB['pass_2'] = "";
	 $MUSE_DB['user_3'] = "";
	 $MUSE_DB['pass_3'] = "";
	 $MUSE_DB['user_4'] = "";
	 $MUSE_DB['pass_4'] = "";
Leave the 'current' variable alone, this is for debugging only (but must be uncommented

After you finish updating your config file save it and reupload it to your webserver.  Make
sure you overwrite your old one.  Now visit your chat room and it should work fine.  If
one user account exceeds its max_questions limit the other account will automatically kick

*** Help ***
If you need help please send an E-Mail to hide@address.com
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