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$action  = isset($_REQUEST["action"]) ? $_REQUEST["action"] : "";
$row  = isset($_REQUEST["row"]) ? $_REQUEST["row"] : "";
$description  = isset($_REQUEST["description"]) ? $_REQUEST["description"] : "";

if ($action=='show')
	<h3>You posted:</h3>
	<textarea style='width:100%; height:95px'>$description</textarea>
	<br><h1>Jesus Christ is our God, Ukraine is great!</h1><br>
	<a href='?'>try again</a>";

$variable="To use this wysarea class is as simple as <B>textarea</B> tag. Replace any textarea's with wysarea.<BR>Wysarea understands symbols ~!@#$%^%&amp;*()_+|][{}';/.,|'¨!!¹:? <BR><BR><B>Warning:</B>I do not recommend using this class for all site clients. Use it only in secure pages, because:
<LI>only Internet Explorer supports this class. (<U>help me to port it for Mozilla and Opera</U>)
<LI>Class generate real html. A hacker can deface your website. You must use htmlspecialchars or another way to filter input . If you have a security fix for this please email me.</LI>
<P><FONT style='BACKGROUND-COLOR: #33cc99' color=#003300>I'm interested in remout job for $300 per month.</FONT><BR>You may <FONT color=#990000>download</FONT> full class archive (<FONT color=#990000>icons</FONT> and language files included) at <A href='http://kaurov.poltav.com/wysarea.zip'>http://kaurov.poltav.com/wysarea.zip</A></P>
Thanks to all for translation and fixing.";
$room_name = isset($row['room_name']) ? $row['room_name'] : '';
<form name=edit method=post action='?action=show'>
	$wysarea= new wysarea("description");
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