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	  //change the the select names to match whatever fields you want to search.
	  //change the categories to match your categories
	  //change the artists to your artists
<b>Search the gallery:</b><br>
<form action=\"$PHP_SELF?action=search\" method=\"post\">

    <select name=\"category\">
      <option value=\"\" selected>Select Category</option>
      <option value=\"Art in Literature\" >Art In Literature</option>
      <option value=\"Digital\" >Digital</option>
      <option value=\"Drawings\" >Drawings</option>
      <option value=\"Mixed Media\" >Mixed Media</option>
      <option value=\"Paintings\" >Paintings</option>
      <option value=\"Photography\" >Photography</option>
      <option value=\"Prints\" >Prints</option>
      <option value=\"Sculpture\" >Sculpture</option>
      <option value=\"Video Art\" >Video Art</option>
    <select name=\"artist\">
      <option value=\"\" selected>Select Artist</option>
      <option value=\"artist name 1\" >Artist Name 1</option>
      <option value=\"artist name 2\" >Artist Name 2</option>
    <input name=\"description\"  type=\"text\" id=\"description\">
    <input name=\"submit\" type=\"submit\" id=\"submit\" value=\"Search Gallery\">
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