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2.0.1 Major issue:
  fixed a terrible bug on IE that prevented it to load the CSS chosen on the fly by the script.

2.0 Major issue:
  Completly redrown the workflow, simplifyed thecode, better performance, easly intgratable with Flickr.
  doesn't work in IE Quirks mode!! (no docType declaration).
  Added EXIF metadata display.

>> 1.5.5 issue:
  a. add a target element where to show the gallery.
  b. IE7 didn't show images at second call due to a bug introduced in 1.5.1 release (bug fixed).
  c. IE7 problems on top positioning (bug fixed).

1.5.2 issue:
  Now descriptios can have images and links.

  Added a preload images for the toolbar;
  removed the src attr from the images to speedup on load.

1.5 Major issue:
  Now you can have multiple galleries on the page that you can call from a link.
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