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<commands version="1.0">
  <summary>Run Regression Tests</summary>
    <doc>Run tests in child directories, recursively.  4 dirs deep maximum</doc>
    <doc>actual string of settings to pass to php in format &quot; -d setting=blah&quot;</doc>
    <doc>Log test runs/results as they are run</doc>
    <doc>Only display detail for failed tests</doc>
    <doc>Display simple output for all tests</doc>
    <doc>Treat parameters as installed packages from which to run tests</doc>
    <doc>Search parameters for AllTests.php, and use that to run phpunit-based tests
If none is found, all .phpt tests will be tried instead.</doc>
    <doc>Output run-tests.log in TAP-compliant format</doc>
    <doc>CGI php executable (needed for tests with POST/GET section)</doc>
    <doc>Generate a code coverage report (requires Xdebug 2.0.0+)</doc>
  <doc>[testfile|dir ...]
Run regression tests with PHP&#039;s regression testing script (run-tests.php).</doc>
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