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global $user_ID, $user_level, $forum_instance;

if (!empty($forum_instance) && $forum_instance === true) {
	return false;


	$opt = get_option($user_ID, "wpf_useroptions");

	$options = array(	"allow_profile" => $_POST['allow_profile'],
						"notify" 		=> $_POST['notify'],
						"notify_topics" 	=>  $opt['notify_topics']
	update_usermeta($user_ID, "wpf_useroptions", $options);

$user_id = $_GET['user_id'];

	wp_die(__("No such user", "vasthtml"));

if($user_ID == $user_id or user_level > 8){

	$options = get_usermeta($user_ID, "wpf_useroptions");
	$notify_v 			= ($options['notify'] == true)?"checked":"";
	$allow_profile_v 	= ($options['allow_profile'] == true)?"checked":"";
	$topics = $options['notify_topics'];
	$tops .= "<ul>";
	foreach((array)$topics as $t){
		$tops .= "<li><a href='".$this->get_threadlink($t)."'>". $this->get_subject($t)."</a></li>";
	$tops .= "</ul>";
	$options = maybe_unserialize($options);
	$out .= "<form name='user_edit_form' method='post' action=''>
			<table class='wpf-table' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' width='100%'>
					<th>".__("Edit forum options", "vasthtml")."</th>
					 <td  valign='top'>
					 		<input type='checkbox' name='allow_profile' value='true' $allow_profile_v /> ".__("Allow others to view my profile?", "vasthtml")."<br />
					 		<input type='checkbox' name='notify' value='true'  $notify_v /> ".__("Activate email notifications for topics?", "vasthtml")."
					 	<td><strong>".__("You have email notifications for these topics:", "vasthtml")."</strong><br /><p>$tops</p></td>
					 	<td><input type='submit' name='edit_user_submit' value='".__("Save options", "vasthtml")."'</td>

			$this->o .= $out;
	wp_die(__("Cheating, are we?", "vasthtml"));

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