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	worldlocator v.1.0.1b
	Main class
	Shows the geographic location of a host in a world map.
	Given an IP or a Hostname, it returns information about the country, latitude and longitude of the geographic location of the host on the world. It also shows a map image marking the location. This map can ve viewed perfectly even if your server doesn't have GD.
	By Llorenç Herrera [hide@address.com]
	Using "NetGeo IP locator service interface class" by Manuel Lemos [http://www.phpclasses.org/browse.html/package/514.html]
	Please do not remove this credits

	class worldlocator
		var $maps_dir;
		var $marks_dir;
		var $maps;
		var $marks;
		var $netgeo_api_errors = array
			"Not a valid public Internet address",
			"Could not query the NetGeo service",
			"Could not understand NetGeo service response",
			"No Match"
		var $errornum;
		var $mapgenerator_script = "worldlocator_imagegenerator.php";
		function worldlocator ()
			include "worldlocator_files.inc.php";
			$this->maps_dir = $maps_dir;
			$this->marks_dir = $marks_dir;
			$this->maps = $maps;
			$this->marks = $marks;
		function getmap_byxy ($mapname, $markname, $markx, $marky)
		function getmap_bycoordinates ($mapname, $markname, $lat, $long)
		function query_byhostname ($hostname)
			return $this->query (gethostbyname ($hostname));
		function query ($address)
				$this->errornum = 0;
				return false;
				$this->errornum = 1;
				return false;
				$this->errornum = 2;
				return false;
			if ($location["STATUS"] == "No Match" || ($location["LAT"] == 0 && $location["LONG"] == 0))
				$this->errornum = 3;
				return false;
			$this->location = $location;
			return true;
		function embed_image ($map, $marker, $style)
			// Testing if this PHP compilation supports image creation and required image formats
			if (!function_exists ("imagecreate"))
				return "Warning: This PHP compilation does not support image creation, you have to rebuild it with GD support.";
			$map_format = $this->maps[$map][1];
			$marker_format = $this->markers[$map][1];
			if ($map_format == "gif" || $marker_format == "gif")
				if (!function_exists ("imagecreatefromgif"))
					return "Warning: This PHP compilation supports GD, but does not supports GIF image format.";
			if ($map_format == "jpg" || $marker_format == "jpg")
				if (!function_exists ("imagecreatefromjpeg"))
					return "Warning: This PHP compilation supports GD, but does not supports JPG image format.";
			if ($map_format == "png" || $marker_format == "png")
				if (!function_exists ("imagecreatefrompng"))
					return "Warning: This PHP compilation supports GD, but does not supports PNG image format.";
			return "<img width=\"".$this->maps[$map][2]."\" height=\"".$this->maps[$map][3]."\" src=\"".$this->mapgenerator_script."?map=$map&mark=$marker&lat=".$this->location["LAT"]."&long=".$this->location["LONG"]."\" style=\"$style\">";
		function embed_image_withoutgd ($map, $marker, $style)
			$map = $this->maps[$map];
			$mark = $this->marks[$marker];
			$map_file = $this->maps_dir."/".$map[0].".".$map[1];
			$mark_file = $this->marks_dir."/".$mark[0].".".$mark[1];
			// Calculating the position of the mark on to the map based on latitude/longitude and map width and height
			$lat = $this->location["LAT"];
			$long = $this->location["LONG"];
			$map_width = $map[2];
			$map_height = $map[3];
			$long += 180;
			$lat = ($lat*-1) + 90;
			$x = round (($map_width*$long)/360)-$mark[4];
			$y = round (($map_height*$lat)/180)-$mark[5];

			$retr = "";
			$retr .=
				<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 style=\"$style\" width=\"".$map[2]."\" height=\"".$map[3]."\"><tr><td background=\"".$map_file."\" valign=top>
				<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr>
					<td valign=top><img src=null.gif width=\"".$x."\" height=1></td>
					<td valign=top><img src=null.gif width=1 height=\"".$y."\"><br><img src=\"".$mark_file."\"></td>
			return $retr;
		function geterror ()
			return "Error [".$this->errornum."] ".$this->netgeo_api_errors[$this->errornum];

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