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<TITLE>Testing World IP Locator: Simple query, showing some HTML results</TITLE>
<span style='font-size: 20px;'>Testing World IP Locator: Simple query, showing some HTML results</span><br>

	// Note: If you have downloaded this files from PHPClasses, you probably haven't the required image files, and you'll get an error. Go to http://phpspain.hexoplastia.com/projects/worldlocator to download a full packet with the required images.

	include "worldlocator.inc.php";
	// Creating worldlocator object
	$worldlocator = new worldlocator;
	// This class could act in different ways, this example is based on the simplest way: Only showing some information about the placement of the queried address in HTML format. See other examples.php for powerful image-generation
	// Querying our address and controlling possible errors
	if (!$worldlocator->query (""))
		echo $worldlocator->geterror ();
		// If there are no errors, show some information about the recently made query
		echo "<b>Address queried:</b> ".$worldlocator->location["TARGET"]."<br>";
		echo "<b>Country:</b> ".$worldlocator->location["COUNTRY"]."<br>";
		echo "<b>Latitude / Longitude:</b>: ".$worldlocator->location["LAT"]." / ".$worldlocator->location["LONG"]."<br>";


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