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Wordpress is an open source blogging engine. If you are not familiar with blogging, it is something like keeping a diary on the web. A blog stands for web log. Wordpress is totally free and released under the GPL.
Wordpress is also used as cms.
The hardest thing to learn (and teach btw,) in object oriented PHP … is the basics. 
But once you get them under-your-belt, the rest will come much, much easier. 
But don't be discouraged! You just found the easiest to understand tutorial out there 
on OOP and PHP. It may sound like a boastful claim … I know. But that's what The 
nerd zeitgeist is saying.  
… Or so I've been told.  abc
As an extra bonus, I've Created a few video tutorials for you. They cover The same 
material as the written article and are designed to reinforce the article. try this 
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