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    Version 0.7
    Ryan Flynn (hide@address.com || DALnet->#php->pizza_milkshake)
    Friday, June 29 2001
    This little cmdline script converts ugly Microsoft Word 2000 HTML
    into relatively clean, browser-independent code. Anyone that's had to
    deal with converting Word HTML into REAL HTML can realize that this
    is worth having around.
    Todo: I want to set up mask-dependent (*.htm) batch functionailty
    so you can type: "w2k.php *.htm *.html" and convert all your .htm files
    to .html fiels with the same names. This would be a life-saver in certain
    Note: This class requires my Word2000Html class, you can get it from
    phpclasses.upperdesign.com/ or sitetronics.com/~pizza


    if($argc < 3){
        echo "Use: w2k.php <source filename> <destination filename>";
        echo "Error: {$argv[1]} does not exist";

$bob=new Word2000Html($in);

$str= "



$f=fopen($out, "w") or die("Error: could not open '{$out}'");
fputs($f, $str);

echo "File '{$in}' scoured and sent to '{$out}' successfully";

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