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 * Whoops - php errors for cool kids
 * @author Filipe Dobreira <http://github.com/filp>
 * Run this example file with the PHP 5.4 web server with:
 * $ cd project_dir
 * $ php -S localhost:8080
 * and access localhost:8080/example/example-ajax-only.php through your browser
 * Or just run it through apache/nginx/what-have-yous as usual.

namespace Whoops\Example;
use Whoops\Run;
use Whoops\Handler\PrettyPageHandler;
use Whoops\Handler\JsonResponseHandler;
use RuntimeException;

require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

$run = new Run;

// We want the error page to be shown by default, if this is a
// regular request, so that's the first thing to go into the stack:
$run->pushHandler(new PrettyPageHandler);

// Now, we want a second handler that will run before the error page,
// and immediately return an error message in JSON format, if something
// goes awry.
$jsonHandler = new JsonResponseHandler;

// Make sure it only triggers for AJAX requests:

// You can also tell JsonResponseHandler to give you a full stack trace:
// $jsonHandler->addTraceToOutput(true);

// And push it into the stack:

// That's it! Register Whoops and throw a dummy exception:
throw new RuntimeException("Oh fudge napkins!");
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