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Language: English

$lang = array();
$lang['table'] = 'Table';
$lang['successfully_created'] = 'has been created';
$lang['couldnot_created'] = 'could not be created';
$lang['error'] = 'Error';
$lang['installation_finished'] = 'Installation finished';
$lang['now_create_admin'] = 'Now create your admin account';
$lang['go_on'] = 'Go on';
$lang['no_config'] = 'No config.php found';
$lang['step'] = 'Step';
$lang['table_creation'] = 'Create tables';
$lang['admin_creation'] = 'Create admin account';
$lang['admin_name'] = 'Admin name';
$lang['password'] = 'Password';
$lang['password_repeat'] = 'Repeat password';
$lang['email_adress'] = 'E-Mail address';
$lang['do_create'] = 'Create';
$lang['reg_name_allowed'] = 'Only letters and numbers allowed';
$lang['reg_not_longer'] = 'Your name may not be longer than 30 sings';
$lang['reg_fill_name'] = 'Enter your name';
$lang['not_enter_pass'] = 'Enter your password';
$lang['no_pass_match'] = 'Password-repition invalid';
$lang['fill_in_pass'] = 'Enter a password';
$lang['invalid_syntax'] = 'Invalid e-mail syntax';
$lang['fill_in_email'] = 'Enter your e-mail address';
$lang['back'] = 'Back';
$lang['not_filled_all'] = 'Fill in all fields';
$lang['not_created_admin'] = 'Admin account could not be crated';
$lang['success_created_admin'] = 'Admin account has been created';
$lang['now_create_cats'] = 'Now create your forum categories';
$lang['to_admin_area'] = 'Go to admin area';
$lang['dont_forget_delete'] = 'Do not forget to delete the setup folder';
$lang['good_luck'] = 'Good luck';
$lang['invalid_id'] = 'Invalid ID';
$lang['main_page'] = 'Main Page';
$lang['enter_search_term'] = 'Enter search term';
$lang['search'] = 'Search';
$lang['blog_search'] = 'Blog search';
$lang['contact'] = 'Contact';
$lang['create_topic'] = 'Create topic';
$lang['new_pm'] = 'New PM';
$lang['user_area'] = 'User area';
$lang['inbox'] = 'Inbox';
$lang['edit_profile'] = 'Edit profile';
$lang['favourite_topics'] = 'favourite topics';
$lang['signin'] = 'Signin';
$lang['password_forgotten'] = 'Password forgotten';
$lang['all_categories'] = 'All categories';
$lang['create_new_topic'] = 'New topic';
$lang['my_posts'] = 'My posts';
$lang['outbox'] = 'Outbox';
$lang['change_password'] = 'Change password';
$lang['user_profile'] = 'User profile';
$lang['read_pm'] = 'Read PM';
$lang['reply'] = 'To reply';
$lang['search_function'] = 'Search function';
$lang['signout'] = 'Signout';
$lang['signup'] = 'Signup';
$lang['statistic'] = 'Statistic';
$lang['topic_not_available'] = 'Topic not exists';
$lang['user_list'] = 'User list';
$lang['finish_registration'] = 'Complete registration';
$lang['no_categories'] = 'No categories available';
$lang['no_topics_in_cat'] = 'No topics in this category';
$lang['topic'] = 'Topic';
$lang['date'] = 'Date';
$lang['posts'] = 'Posts';
$lang['page'] = 'Page';
$lang['of'] = 'of';
$lang['comments'] = 'Comments';
$lang['no_comments'] = 'No comments available';
$lang['entered_on'] = 'Added on';
$lang['publish_comment'] = 'Publish comment';
$lang['title'] = 'Title';
$lang['blank_name'] = 'Name';
$lang['spam_protection'] = 'Spam protection';
$lang['the_sum_of'] = 'The sum of';
$lang['spam_failed'] = 'Your spam input was false';
$lang['enter_a_title'] = 'Enter a title';
$lang['enter_a_comment'] = 'Enter a comment';
$lang['comment_success'] = 'Your comment has been added';
$lang['comment_failed'] = 'Your comment could not be added';
$lang['subject'] = 'Subject';
$lang['send'] = 'Send';
$lang['subject_not_longer'] = 'The subjeckt may not be longer than 30 signs';
$lang['subject_not_entered'] = 'Enter a subject';
$lang['enter_search_term'] = 'Enter a search term';
$lang['goto_search'] = 'Go to search';
$lang['article_search'] = 'Article search';
$lang['matches_found'] = 'Matches found';
$lang['author'] = 'Author';
$lang['on'] = 'On';
$lang['search_again'] = 'Search again';
$lang['no_matches'] = 'No matches found';
$lang['article_with'] = 'Article with';
$lang['article_comments'] = 'Comments';
$lang['only_for_registered'] = 'This area is only for registered users';
$lang['you_have_to'] = 'You have to';
$lang['small_signin'] = 'signin';
$lang['not_yet'] = 'Not yet';
$lang['registered'] = 'registered';
$lang['create_a_topic'] = 'Create new topic';
$lang['maynot_topic_cat'] = 'No topics can be created in this category';
$lang['first_create_cats'] = 'First categories must be created';
$lang['one_category'] = 'Category';
$lang['error_occured'] = 'An error occured';
$lang['enter_a_text'] = 'Enter a text';
$lang['topic_creation_failed'] = 'Your topic could not be created';
$lang['topic_creation_success'] = 'Your topic has been created';
$lang['crate_pm'] = 'Create PM';
$lang['pm_sending_success'] = 'Your messages has been sent';
$lang['not_send_self'] = 'You can not send a message to yourself';
$lang['user_not_exists'] = 'This user does not exist';
$lang['receiver'] = 'Receiver';
$lang['male'] = 'male';
$lang['female'] = 'female';
$lang['sex'] = 'Sex';
$lang['birthday'] = 'Birthday';
$lang['yes'] = 'Yes';
$lang['no'] = 'No';
$lang['show_email'] = 'Show e-mail address';
$lang['about_me'] = 'About me';
$lang['signature'] = 'Signature';
$lang['save_profile'] = 'Change profile';
$lang['edit_profile_success'] = 'Your profile has been updated';
$lang['edit_profile_failed'] = 'Your profile could not be updated';
$lang['password_request'] = 'Rquest password';
$lang['enter_user_name'] = 'Enter user name';
$lang['enter_your_username'] = 'Enter your user name';
$lang['user_name_not_found'] = 'This user name was not found';
$lang['your_new_password'] = 'Your new password';
$lang['old_one_deleted'] = 'Your old password has been deleted';
$lang['new_password_send'] = 'Your new password was send to you right now';
$lang['go_to_signin'] = 'Go to sign in';
$lang['new_password_failed'] = 'Your new password could not be sent';
$lang['contact_our_support'] = 'Please contact our';
$lang['last_topic'] = 'Latest topic';
$lang['blank_topics'] = 'Topics';
$lang['no_available_topics'] = 'No topics available';
$lang['by'] = 'By';
$lang['blank_article'] = 'Article';
$lang['no_articles_available'] = 'No articles available';
$lang['replies'] = 'To reply';
$lang['no_pm_sendet'] = 'No PMs sent';
$lang['my_login_informations'] = 'My login datas';
$lang['actual_password'] = 'Actual password';
$lang['confirm_password'] = 'Confirm with your actual password';
$lang['new_password'] = 'New password';
$lang['change_password'] = 'Change password';
$lang['my_profile'] = 'My profile';
$lang['enter_actual_pass'] = 'Enter your actual password';
$lang['actual_pass_false'] = 'Your actual password is false';
$lang['password_changed'] = 'Your password has been changed';
$lang['password_not_changed'] = 'Your password could not be changed';
$lang['last_signin'] = 'Last login';
$lang['no_signin'] = 'No logins';
$lang['nummer_signin'] = 'Number of logins';
$lang['rank'] = 'Rank';
$lang['no_informations'] = 'No informations';
$lang['date_of_register'] = 'Date of register';
$lang['pm_discussions'] = 'PM Discussions';
$lang['go_to_discussion'] = 'Go to discussion';
$lang['pm_sending_failed'] = 'Your message could not be sent';
$lang['back_to_discussion'] = 'Back to discussion';
$lang['message'] = 'Message';
$lang['to_reply'] = 'To reply';
$lang['no_exists_pm'] = 'This PM discussion does not exist';
$lang['goto_inbox'] = 'Go to inbox';
$lang['not_called_directly'] = 'This file cannot be called directly';
$lang['topic_reply_failed'] = 'Your reply could not be added';
$lang['topic_reply_success'] = 'Your reply has been added';
$lang['forum_search'] = 'Forum search';
$lang['one_post'] = 'Post';
$lang['plural_post'] = 'Posts';
$lang['now_signout'] = 'No sign out';
$lang['already_loggedin'] = 'Your are already signed in';
$lang['register_now'] = 'Register now';
$lang['user_name_invalid'] = 'User name is invalid';
$lang['password_invalid'] = 'Password is invalid';
$lang['signin_failed'] = 'Login failed';
$lang['name_password_false'] = 'User name or password incorrect';
$lang['hello'] = 'Hello';
$lang['success_signout'] = 'Your are successfully logged out';
$lang['not_loggedin'] = 'You are not logged in';
$lang['signup'] = 'Register';
$lang['sign_up'] = 'To register';
$lang['user_name_forgive'] = 'This user name has already been taken';
$lang['signup_failed'] = 'Your registration could not be finished';
$lang['new_user_has_registered'] = 'A new user has registered';
$lang['complete_registration'] = 'Finish your registration';
$lang['tanks_for_registering'] = 'Thanks for your registration';
$lang['activate_your_account'] = 'Click on the confirmation link to complete your registration';
$lang['signup_success'] = 'Your registration was successfully';
$lang['email_activation'] = 'Now click on the confirmation link which has been sent to you right now';
$lang['ip_lock'] = 'Your IP has been locked';
$lang['plural_categories'] = 'Categories';
$lang['visitors'] = 'Visitors';
$lang['today'] = 'Today';
$lang['total'] = 'Total';
$lang['online'] = 'Online';
$lang['want_to_reply'] = 'Want to reply';
$lang['to_user_list'] = 'Go to user list';
$lang['search_for_users'] = 'Search for registered users';
$lang['registered_user'] = 'Registered users';
$lang['no_registered_users'] = 'No users registered';
$lang['account_activation'] = 'Account activation';
$lang['activate_your_account_soon'] = 'Activate your account';
$lang['blank_activate'] = 'Activate';
$lang['no_entered_hash_code'] = 'You have not entered a hash code';
$lang['invalid_hash_code'] = 'The hash code is invalid';
$lang['success_account_activation'] = 'Your account has successfully activated';
$lang['failed_account_activation'] = 'The account could not be activated';
$lang['activation_now_email'] = 'Activate your account by clicking on the confirmation link on the e-mail';
$lang['all_sendet_pms'] = 'Sendet PMs';
$lang['no_unread_messages'] = 'No unread messages available';
$lang['no_read_messages'] = 'No read messages available';
$lang['blank_to'] = 'to';
$lang['no_available_posts'] = 'You have not wirtten any messages';
$lang['you_have_alread'] = 'You have already';
$lang['posts_created'] = 'posts written';
$lang['posts_per_page'] = 'Posts per page';
$lang['read_more'] = 'Read more';
$lang['no_one'] = 'No one';
$lang['last_post'] = 'Last post';
$lang['sendet_by'] = 'Sendet by';
$lang['contact_form'] = 'Contact form';
$lang['sendet_on'] = 'Sendet on';
$lang['thereof'] = 'thereof';
$lang['no_java_support'] = 'Your browser does not support java script';
$lang['signin_message'] = 'Welcome, please sign in';
$lang['msg_new_pms'] = 'New PMs';
$lang['first_page'] = 'First page';
$lang['last_page'] = 'Last page';
$lang['rss_newest_posts'] = 'newest posts';
$lang['rss_newest_topics'] = 'newest topics';
$lang['rss_newest_articles'] = 'newest articles';
$lang['false_logindatas'] = 'Invalid login datas';
$lang['success_logged_out'] = 'You have signed in successfully';
$lang['redirected_in'] = 'You will be redirected in 3 seconds';
$lang['o_clock'] = 'o clock';
$lang['main_navigation'] = 'Main navigation';
$lang['delete_comments'] = 'Delete comments';
$lang['manage_comments'] = 'Manage comments';
$lang['delete_articles'] = 'Delete articles';
$lang['manage_articles'] = 'Manage articles';
$lang['create_article'] = 'New article';
$lang['manage_categories'] = 'Categories management';
$lang['delete_categories'] = 'Delete category';
$lang['blank_edit'] = 'Edit';
$lang['blank_delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['success_comment_delete'] = 'The comment has been deleted';
$lang['failed_comment_delete'] = 'The comment could not be deleted';
$lang['success_article_delete'] = 'The article has been deleted';
$lang['failed_article_delete'] = 'The article could not be deleted';
$lang['success_article_edited'] = 'The article has been edited';
$lang['failed_article_edited'] = 'The article could not be edited';
$lang['admin_article_exists'] = 'This article does not exist';
$lang['article_content'] = 'Article text';
$lang['success_article_published'] = 'The article has ben published';
$lang['falied_article_published'] = 'The article could not be published';
$lang['to_publish'] = 'publish';
$lang['name_of_category'] = 'Name of the category';
$lang['description_of_category'] = 'Description of the category';
$lang['create_category'] = 'Create category';
$lang['failed_category_create'] = 'The category could not be created';
$lang['success_category_create'] = 'The category has been created';
$lang['name_of_cat'] = 'Category name';
$lang['blank_description'] = 'Description';
$lang['success_category_delete'] = 'The category has been deleted';
$lang['failed_category_delete'] = 'The category could not be deleted';
$lang['welcome_to_adminstration'] = 'Welcome to admin area';
$lang['admin_manage_users'] = 'Manage users';
$lang['page_views'] = 'Page views';
$lang['manage_posts'] = 'Manage posts';
$lang['manage_topics'] = 'Manage topics';
$lang['delete_topics'] = 'Delete topics';
$lang['delete_posts'] = 'Delete posts';
$lang['admin_no_posts'] = 'No posts available';
$lang['success_delete_post'] = 'The post has been deleted';
$lang['failed_delete_post'] = 'The post could not be deleted';
$lang['success_delete_topic'] = 'The topic has been deleted';
$lang['failed_delete_topic'] = 'The topic could not be deleted';
$lang['admin_block'] = 'Block';
$lang['admin_unlock'] = 'Unlock';
$lang['success_block_user'] = 'The user has been blocked';
$lang['failed_block_user'] = 'The user could not be blocked';
$lang['success_delete_user'] = 'The user has been deleted';
$lang['failed_delete_user'] = 'The user could not be deleted';
$lang['success_unlock_user'] = 'The user has been unlocked';
$lang['failed_unlock_user'] = 'The user could not be unlocked';
$lang['new_badword'] = 'New badword';
$lang['add_word'] = 'Add word';
$lang['success_add_word'] = 'The word has been added to the badword list';
$lang['failed_add_word'] = 'The word could not be added to the badword list';
$lang['words_in_list'] = 'Words in the list';
$lang['no_words_added'] = 'No words in the list';
$lang['success_delete_word'] = 'The word has been deleted';
$lang['failed_delete_word'] = 'The word could not be deleted';

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