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if (preg_match("/email_admin_failed_payment.php/",$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']))
 Header("Location: ../");
$admin_url = "http://$thedomain/".MEMBERS_SECTION_FOLDER."/".ADMIN."/";

$paypal_posted = 'POSTED data:' . "\n";
foreach ($_POST as $key => $value) $paypal_posted .= $key . '=' . $value . "\n";

$themessage="The transaction will be regarding a member on your WMM system.
The transaction is for either:
PENDING (eCheque), Cancelled, Refunded, or Failed payment.
(Not a successful payment as these are automatically handled by WMM)

It could be regarding a payment for a new account or to renew an existing account.
You may need to check the expire date is correct, and amend as required.

WMM will attempt to activate the account automatically when the payment clears.

If you find they have made their payment you can manually activate the account
within WMM admin. Just login at:

*Keep this email for your own records.

 Their name and address:
 Tel: $tel
 email: $email

Details sent from PayPal:
wmm_mail($admin_email,"PayPal transaction - ".CO_NAME." (via WMM)",$themessage);
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