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$thesubject="Account setup on $coname - login details enclosed.";

Welcome to $coname, below are your login details for your account with us.


Click on the above link and login using:
 Username:  $their_username
 Password:  $their_password

Please note that these details are CAsE SenSItiVE, and may contain letters and numbers!

Thank you for taking the time to join us.

Kind regards from $coname
  http://$thedomain ";

$admin_url = "http://$thedomain/".MEMBERS_SECTION_FOLDER."/".ADMIN."/";
$themessage="This new member has already received login details
as the system is set to auto activate new members.

To administer this new member Login at: $admin_url

Their name and address:
Tel: $tel
email: $email

Their comments: $comments";

wmm_mail($contact_email,"New member just joined - $email",$themessage);
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