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<div style="padding-left:3%;">
<div id="layer" style="padding:4px; width:96%; " class="ui-widget-content ui-corner-all">
<form method="POST" action="toggle-auto-activate.php" name="AF">
  <input type="hidden" name="save" value="1"><div align="center"><center><table border="0"
  width="75%" cellspacing="4" cellpadding="4" bgcolor="#E6FFE6">
      <td colspan="2"><font color="#000000"><strong>Toggling Auto
      <td width="20%"><div align="right">
        <p><font color="#FF0000"><strong>Auto Activate:</strong></font></td>
      <td width="80%"><font color="#FF0000"><strong>When a new member joins, the account
      is automatically activated and an email is sent to the new member with login details
      </strong>If you have </font><a href="paypal.php">WMM PayPal </a><font color="#FF0000">(standard or subscription)<strong> enabled</strong> the email will be sent to the new
      member only when a succesful payment notification is received from PayPal.com.&nbsp;If for some reason an account is not activated, you will need to manually</font> <a href="activate.php">activate the new
      member</a><font color="#FF0000"> (assuming you have received payment).</font></td>
      <td width="20%"><div align="right">
        <p><strong>Manual Activation:</strong></td>
      <td width="80%">New members are unable to login until you, as
      administrator, activate the new account.&nbsp; ONLY when you activate the account is an
      email sent to the new member with login details enclosed.</td>
  </center></div><div align="center"><center><p><strong>Currently set to: </strong><select
  name="autoactivate" size="1" class="button">
    <option value="1">Auto Activate</option>
    <option value="0">Manual Activation</option>
  </center></div><div align="center"><center>
<div class="button"><button>Save</button>
<a href="#" onclick="location.href='./'">Cancel</a>	  
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