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    <td width="742"><?php echo $output_emails; ?>&nbsp;</td>
    <td width="160" ><div style="width:160px; background-color:#E6FFE6; padding:4px;"> <em><font color="#008000"><b><big>i</big></b></font></em> <font color="#000000">Excludes members opted out of receiving email communications.</font></div></td>
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  <div class="button"><a href="#" onclick="javascript:document.emails.E1.select();">Select ALL members above</a><br />
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<table cellPadding="2" width="1030" bgColor="#808080"
      <td width="100%" bgColor="#dbdbdb" align="left"><strong>Sending emails to multiple members:<br>
      </strong>Emailing a large group can be done through your dialup provider and limiting the
      amount of messages sent to just a nominal amount per minute using a group email
      application for example Group Mailer available <strong>free</strong> from:<br>
      <a href="http://www.infacta.com/" target="newwinnn">http://www.infacta.com/</a>&nbsp; (the
      install file is approx. 5mb)<br>
      When you have Group Mailer installed, follow these steps: <ul>
        <li>click the <strong>&quot;Select ALL emails above&quot; </strong>button above then
          press ctrl+c on your keyboard (to copy all the addresses) </li>
        <li>then start Group Mailer, AND: </li>
        <li>click the <strong>Group Manager</strong> tab </li>
        <li>click the <strong>New</strong> button </li>
        <li>enter a name for your new group, e.g. My members list </li>
        <li>click on the <strong>Import</strong> button and then &nbsp;<strong>Import from
          File or Clipboard</strong> button. </li>
        <li>select <strong>Import recipient data from the Windows clipboard </strong>and
          click the <strong>Next &gt;&gt; </strong>button </li>
        <li>and again click the <strong>Next &gt;&gt; </strong>button </li>
        <li>and again click the <strong>Next &gt;&gt; </strong>button </li>
        <li>then click the <strong>Start </strong>button </li>
        <li>you should now have a new group with all the email addresses added ready to send
          an email to (if this has failed you should try again, or refer to the Group Mailer Help).
        <li><strong><font color="#ff0000">You should always let your members know why you are
          sending the email and who its from, you should include within the email
          something similar to:<br>
          </font></strong><font color="#808080">&nbsp; <textarea name="null" rows="4"
          cols="100">This email is being sent to you as you are a registered and valued member of <?php 
echo CO_NAME;

If you wish to unsubscribe please login at:
echo "http://$wmm_url"; 

select "Edit profile", then change "Receive emails from us" and click "Save"
        <li><font color="#8000ff">*</font><font color="#ff0000"><strong> refresh your email
          group before sending</strong> as one or more may no longer be members.</font> </li>
      <p><strong>Notes for use of Group Mailer </strong><ul>
        <li>for the <strong>Email/Send Settings</strong> you should enter your dialup
          providers mail server name, please consult with your dialup provider for this information.</li>
        <li>you should setup a test group comprising of just your own email address then send
          your email to just that test group prior to sending to your real group.&nbsp; This gives
          you chance to see how the email looks before you send it to your members. </li>

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