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$wmm_url= "http://$thedomain/".MEMBERS_SECTION_FOLDER."/members";
$thesubject="Your membership with $coname will expire in $days days.";
$themessage="Hi $firstname,

Your membership with $coname will expire in $days days.

To renew your membership:
 login to your account here:
When logged in click on the link at the end of the page.

This email is a single reminder to renew your membership with us,
it is sent to both your username: $their_username
AND your contact email address: $email

If you do not renew your account with us within the
next $days days your account will be deleted.

Kind regards from $coname
  http://$thedomain ";

$dbc = dbc::instance();
$result = $dbc->prepare("SELECT * from wmm_admin");
$rows = $dbc->executeGetRows($result);
$contactAdminEmail = $rows[0]['contact_email']; 
wmm_mail($contactAdminEmail,"ADMIN COPY: ".$thesubject,$themessage);
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