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/////Webpen v3//////////////////

//////////////////////Configuration - part II//////////////////////////////////////////

/////If you would like notification of signature submissions by email, change 'no' in the line below to 'yes'. Note that this feature will not work on some servers

$send = 'no';

//////////////The items below apply only if email notification is enabled in the line above////////////////////////////////////////

/////Add your recipient email address in between the quotes in the next line

$emailadd = 'hide@address.com';

/////To attention of

$attn = 'some recipient';

/////Change the domain "www.yourdomain.com" in the line below, to your domain. Include the path to the documents folder if needed. Change the text of the message if desired

$msg = "There is a new document at: http://www.yourdomain.com/$newdirname/document.htm"; 

/////Replace the From address below with your own address. To prevent problems with spam filters, this should be an email address that uses the same domain that WebPen is running under.

$from = "From: hide@address.com\r\n";


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