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  $local = array();
  $local['Please login to continue.'] = '请登录后继续。';
  $local['Shells signature database updated succesfully!'] = 'Shell 签名数据库更新成功!';
  $local['Cant save shells signature database please check permissions'] = '不能保存 shell 签名数据库,请检查权限。';
  $local['Your shells signatures database already updated!'] = '您的 shell 签名数据库已经更新!';
  $local['New version of application found. Please update!'] = '发现新版本的程序。请更新!';
  $local['Cant connect to server! Application version check failed!'] = '无法连接到服务器!程序版本检查失败!';
  $local['New version of shells signature database found. Please update!'] = '发现新版本的 shell 签名数据库。请更新!';
  $local['Cant connect to server! Version check failed!'] = '无法连接到服务器!版本检查失败!';
  $local['You code submited. Thank you.'] = '您的代码已提交。非常感谢。';
  $local['Cant find selected file.'] = '未找到选择的文件。';
  $local['No file specified.'] = '未指定文件。';
  $local['Starting file scanner, please be patient file scanning can take some time.'] = '开始扫描文件,请耐心等待,这需要花一些时间。';
  $local['Number of known shells in database is: '] = '数据库中已知的 shell 数量:';
  $local['Files found:'] = '已发现的文件:';
  $local['File limit reached, scanning process stopped.'] = '已达到文件上限,扫描进程已停止。';
  $local['File scan done, we have: @count files to analize'] = '文件扫描已完成:已分析 @count 个文件';
  $local['Please note suspicious files information will not be displayed'] = '请注意:可疑文件信息不能显示。';
  $local['Show sha for file:'] = '显示文件的 sha 值:';
  $local['Full path:'] = '完整路径:';
  $local['Sha1:'] = 'Sha1:';
  $local['please note it`s a malicious file not a shell'] = '请注意:它是一个恶意文件,不是 shell。';
  $local['please note potentially dangerous file (legit file but may be used by hackers)'] = '请注意潜在的危险文件(合法的文件,但可能被黑客利用)';
  $local['Fingerprint:'] = '指纹:';
  $local['Positive, it`s a '] = '实际上,它是一个 ';
  $local['suspicious functions used:'] = '使用的可疑函数:';
  $local['line:'] = '行号:';
  $local['<strong>Status</strong>: @count suspicious files found and @shells shells found'] = '<strong>状态</strong>:已发现 @count 个可疑文件以及 @shells 个 shell';
  $local['Negative'] = '不确定的';
  $local['if wrong'] = '如果有误';
  $local['submit file for analize'] = '提交文件以分析';
  $local['Submit file'] = '提交文件';
  $local['Your email'] = '您的 Email';
  $local['(in case you want to be notified):'] = '(如果你想获得通知):';
  $local['Suspicious behavior found in:'] = '发现可疑行为于:';
  $local['Please note: file have different owner'] = '请注意:文件属于不同的所有者';
  $local['Please note: file have full access permissions'] = '请注意:文件具有完全访问权限';
  $local['Owner:'] = '所有者:';
  $local['Permission:'] = '权限:';
  $local['Last accessed:'] = '最后访问时间:';
  $local['Last modified:'] = '最后修改时间:';
  $local['MD5 hash:'] = 'MD5 哈希值:';
  $local['Filesize:'] = '文件大小:';
  $local['Please wait'] = '请稍候...';
  $local['Done, report file created'] = '完成,报告文件已创建';
  $local['Error, report file creation failed'] = '错误,报告文件创建失败';
  $local['<strong>Error: </strong>'] = '<strong>错误:</strong>';
  $local[' line: '] = '行号:';
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