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//If you have made translation of Weatimages interface into language which
//missing at Weatimages langpacks page, please send your langpack to
//hide@address.com and it will be available for other users.

//Weatimages langpack version 1.7.2
//Language: English Sample
//Author: Vladimir Nazarkin
//$Id: weatimages_langpack.en.inc.php,v 1.10 2007/04/15 09:00:57 Vova Exp $

//Specify an encoding if it needed for correct displaying of national characters
//This value will override encoding specified in weatimages.ini
$ini['charset'] = 'utf-8';

$langpack['albums'] = 'Albums';
$langpack['nested_albums_available'] = 'Nested albums available at the first page';
$langpack['additional_items'] = 'Additional items';
$langpack['additional_items_available'] = 'Additional items available at the first page';
$langpack['album_zip'] = 'Download entire album in single archive';
$langpack['page'] = 'page';
$langpack['next_image'] = 'next image';
$langpack['previous_image'] = 'previous image';
$langpack['return_to_album'] = 'return to album';
$langpack['first_image'] = 'first image';
$langpack['last_image'] = 'last image';
$langpack['close_window'] = 'close window';
$langpack['slideshow_start'] = 'start slideshow';
$langpack['slideshow_stop'] = 'stop slideshow';
$langpack['original'] = 'Original';
$langpack['resized'] = 'Resized';
$langpack['switch_size_bottomhelp'] = 'Click image to switch between full-size view and resized view';
$langpack['switch_size_toresized'] = 'Click to view resized image';
$langpack['switch_size_tofullsize'] = 'Click to view full size image';
$langpack['thumbnail_hint'] = 'Click to view big image';
$langpack['kilobytes'] = 'Kb';
$langpack['powered_by'] = 'Powered by';

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