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 * This is an example of how to use the wapl package.
 *  - You'll need to get a free dev key from http://wapl.info, and enter that below
 *  - Line 20 checks if the given device is a mobile device, 
 *    and line 116 transforms the WAPL and outputs the markup to the device.
 *  - How you build the WAPL is up to you, either:
 *    - Use the $wapl->builder class to build your wapl programatically , as seen below
 *    - Use your own templating method, calling $wapl->displayMarkupFromWapl 
 *      on the output ofthe template.
 * 	@author Rich Gubby
 * 	@version 1.0
 * 	@package WappleArchitect

$wapl = new wapl;

//Check to see if it's a mobile device hitting us and if so, use WAPL
	//Builds the WAPL start tag
	$string = $wapl->builder->start();
	//Builds the WAPL head tag with title and CSS child elements
	$string .= $wapl->builder->head(array(
					'value'=>'WAPL Test Page'
	//Build the WAPL layout tag, telling it to leave the tag open
	$string .= $wapl->builder->layout(array('end' => false));
	//Build a WAPL image element
	$string .= $wapl->builder->image(
			'url' => 'http://wapl.info/img/logo.png', 
			'filetype' => 'png'
	//Get a value from POST if it exists otherwise let's just say hello	
	$name = isset($_POST['your_name']) ? '"'.$_POST['your_name'].'"' : "Mundo";
	$question = isset($_POST['your_name']) ? '[p]'.utf8_encode('Cómo estás?').'[/p]' : "";
	$greeting = "[p][b]Hola {$name}[/b][/p] $question";

	//Adds some text to the page
	$string .= $wapl->builder->chars(
	//We'll add the row and cell manually as an example
	$string .= $wapl->builder->rowStart();
	$string .= $wapl->builder->cellStart();
	//Adds a form to the page
	$string .= $wapl->builder->form(
			'row'=>false, 	//Don't wrap it in a row - we built it above
	    	'cell'=>false,	//Don't wrap it in a cell - we built it above
						'label'=>'Enter your name...',
						'value'=>'in this box',
						'label'=>'Click me'
	//Ends the row and cell
	$string .= $wapl->builder->cellEnd();
	$string .= $wapl->builder->rowEnd();
	//Adds a WAPL link to the bottom of the page
	$string .= $wapl->builder->link(
			'label'=>'Made with WAPL',
	//End the layout tag
	$string .= $wapl->builder->layout(array('start' => false));
	//End the WAPL document
	$string .= $wapl->builder->end();
	//Echo the correct markup out to the device
	//The device is not a mobile device, so just carry on with what you'd normally do.
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