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jReply WAMP Error Log Watcher
Copyright (c) 2013 jReply LLC, http://jreply.com
Released under the terms of the MIT license: 


A simple utility for continously keeping track of the
Apache error log file on your local WAMP Server installation.
The log file is monitored periodically and the latest errors
are displayed on screen - neatly formatted and color coded for
easier reading.

Files in this distribution

1. readme.txt - this file.
2. index.html - browse to this file after extracting the 
   contents of the project ZIP archive to a subfolder in your
   WAMP installation.
3. forceerror.php - a simple script to simulate a few server-side
   errors to help test the server.
4. wawa.php - the server-side script that deals with parsing and
   analyzing the contents of the Apache error log 
5. wawa.mp3 - audible alert generated when new errors are found in 
   the Apache error log.  Change this if the crying baby gets on your nerves :-)
6. versions.txt - a brief version history   

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