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1- Import 'visits.sql' in your DB using "phpmyadmin".
2- Include/Require 'visits.php' once in any script you want to use this class in.
3- List of functions:
	A) Count
		Increments the count of today visits (creates a record for today if not found). If not called, the number of today visits will not be increased and you can use the rest of functions to collect the stats.
	B) GetAll
		Returns total visits.
	C) GetLastDays
		Returns sum of the visits of previous days (number of days is the parameter).
	D) GetLastDay
		Returns the exact visits of the specified day ago (difference of day is the parameter).
	E) GetToday
		Works like GetLastDays(0) and GetLastDay(0) and returns today visits (Just added for convenience).
Hopes to be useful.
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