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 * Copyright (C) 2005 Joshua Preston
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 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at
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 * testid.php
 * If this class doesn't work, be sure to check your php.ini file and
 * set allow_url_fopen to On.
 * allow_url_fopen = On
Taken from www.verifymyidentification.com:

VerifyME is an international fraud prevention, age and identity verification service
that integrates a government-issued ID database check, algorithms and web-based signature
capture. VerifyMe performs both international identity verification and domestic identity
verification with age verification in most countries. The service provides merchants and
government agencies with Patriot Act compliance and compliance with age verification laws
and guidelines.

VerifyME eliminates costs associated with manual intervention, simplifies, automates and
streamlines the verification process. Verification information is returned real-time
through a cost-effective, web-based solution.


$vId = new verifyID();



echo "transaction id is: " . $vId->getTransactionID() . "<br>\n";
echo "match code is: " . $vId->getMatchCode() . "<br>\n";
echo "return code " . $vId->getErrorCode() . "(" . $vId->getErrorCodeText() . ")<br>\n";

if ( $vId->isVerified() == true ) {
	echo "<h1>You have been verified</h1>\n";
} else {
	echo "<h1>Verification unsuccessful</h1>\n";
echo $vId->getDataXML();
echo $vId->getResultXML();
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