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Thank you for downloading URLmnch by Mnch Technologies!

We hope you will find this software useful and efficient for your needs

license.txt contains a copy of the GNU GPL license, under which, this software
is distributed. For any questions regarding your rights to this software, please
view this file.

changes.txt is fairly simple and straightforward. Changes are stored from most
recent to earliest.

It is requested that any changes you make to this software, as far as
functionality, be submitted back to Mnch for inclusion in the latest release.
This way, we can provide the best possible experience for everyone using our

todo.txt obviously contains a to-do list of features and bug corrections that
need to be added to the software.

INSTALL.txt is currently incomplete as the software is still in major BETA. We
intend to have the file prepared by the end of the BETA cycle.

bugs.txt contains a list of currently known bugs and issues with the software.


Corey Edwards - Senior Programmer
Albert Zick - Senior Programmer


The Aerocore Team
Free Software Foundation

(c) 2009 Mnch Technologies
(c) 2009 Aerocore Networks
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