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<title>URI Reputation Client</title>
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			<h1 align="CENTER"><font face="Verdana, Helvetica, Arial">URI Reputation Client<br><font color=yellow size="2">in php for SURBL and other URI Reputation DNSbl's</font></font></h1>

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<h2><font color=lightblue>Summary</font></h2>
The URI Reputation Client is a PHP5 object that can be used to check the reputation of a URL using data from SURLB.ORG and other similar systems such as URIBL.COM and SPAMHAUS.ORG's DBL.  <p>
The URI Reputation Client is released under the The MIT Open Source License<p>

<h2><font color=lightblue>Usage</font></h2>
 			include_once("uri_reputation.php");<p />
 			$surbl = new URIReputation();<br />
 			if ($surbl->check_url($url_to_be_checked) === false) not_found;<br />
 			else found_on_one_or_more_lists;<br />
 			include_once("uri_reputation.php");<p />
 			$surbl = new URIReputation();<br />
 			switch ($surbl->check_url($url_to_be_checked)) {<br />
 				case "":<br />
 					found_on_sc.surbl.org<br />
 					break;<br />
 				case "":<br />
 					found_on_ws.surbl.org<br />
 					break;<br />
 				case "":<br />
 					found_on_ph.surbl.org<br />
 					break;<br />
 				case "":<br />
 					found_on_ob.surbl.org<br />
 					break;<br />
 				case "":<br />
 					found_on_ab.surbl.org<br />
 					break;<br />
 				case "":<br />
 					found_on_jp.surbl.org<br />
 					break;<br />
 				case false:<br />
 					not_found<br />
 					break;<br />
 				default:<br />
 					found_on_multiple_lists<br />
 					break;<br />
 			}<br />
 			include_once("uri_reputation.php");<p />
 			$surbl = new URIReputation();<br />
 			$result = ip2long($surbl->check_url($url_to_be_checked));<br />
 			if (($result > 0x7f000001) && ($result <= 0x7f00ffff)) {<br />
 				// URL detected on 1 or more lists<br />
 				$found_on_sc_surbl_org = ($result & 2);<br />
 				$found_on_ws_surbl_org = ($result & 4);<br />
 				$found_on_ph_surbl_org = ($result & 8);<br />
 				$found_on_ob_surbl_org = ($result & 16);<br />
 				$found_on_ab_surbl_org = ($result & 32);<br />
 				$found_on_jp_surbl_org = ($result & 64);<br />
 			} else {<br />
 				// URL not found on any lists<br />
 			}<br />
<h2><font color=lightblue>Requirements</font></h2>
PHP5<p />
Additionally, support files are required for proper operation. They can be downloaded directly from <a href="http://www.surbl.org/guidelines">SURBL</a>. You need to download both the <a href="http://www.surbl.org/tld/two-level-tlds">two-level-tlds</a> file and the 
<a href="http://www.surbl.org/tld/three-level-tlds">three-level-tlds</a> file.<p />The files should be checked to be current periodically -
 maybe once per week.

<h2><font color=lightblue>Download</font></h2>
Source code for the URI Reputation Client can be downloaded <a href="http://www.oitc.com/source/uri_reputation.zip">here</a>.

<h2><font color=lightblue>Support/Feedback</font></h2>
The source code is pretty straight foward so not much support is anticipated. However if you need some or want to provide feedback or improvements contact 
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
</script><noscript><i>support at oitc.com</i></noscript>

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