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Title: txtPHPCounter
Author Dan Beland

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	1.  Unpack all the files into a directory Example: "/counter".
	2.  Open txtPHPCounter.php and Edit the $file_path and $img_path lines.
	3.  Save it and upload the entire directory to your web server.
	4.  CHMOD "hits.log" to "646".
	5.  Thats It! -> Now read the Usage Section.

	Put include("path_to_txtphpcounter.php"); on every page that will use the counter

        -> <? echo TotalHits(TRUE or FALSE); ?>		// Displays Total Hits
        -> <? echo UniqueHits(TRUE or FALSE); ?>	// Displays Unique Visitors
        -> <? echo MyImpressions(TRUE or FALSE); ?> 	// Displays Current Visitors Hits
      Graphics: Set Parameter to TRUE for graphics, FALSE for text.

      Displaying IP Stats:
	-> <? echo ListVisitors(TRUE or FALSE, TRUE or FALSE) ?>
	First Parameter is to display Hit count for each IP
	Second Parameter is to use graphics or not.

		Hit counter With Graphics
		Total Hits: <div><? echo TotalHits(TRUE); ?></div>
		Displaying Stats - Hit Count Without Graphics
		Stats<br /><? echo ListVisitors(TRUE, FALSE); ?>

Thats ALL there is to it! Enjoy!

©2003 Dan Beland
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