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// Load the transfirst_payment class
require('transfirst_payment_class.php'); //  If you're using the 'classloader.php' module you could omit this line
$tf_payment = new transfirst_payment();

// Of course, in a production environment, you would NOT call both of these methods at the same time.
// ccVerify is simply for verification of the card, while ccSettle is for actual purchase transactions.

// Example of the ccVerify method
$tf_payment->ccVerify($_POST['cc_number'], $_POST['cc_exp_mo'], $_POST['cc_exp_yr'], $_POST['bill_address_1'], $_POST['bill_zip']);

// Example of how to build the array needed for the ccSettle method
$settleDataArray = array(orderNum => $_POST['order_id'],
                        transactionAmount => $_POST['order_total'],
                        cardAccountNum => $_POST['cc_number'],
                        expirationDate => $_POST['cc_exp_mo'].$_POST['cc_exp_yr'],
                        cardHolderZip => $_POST['bill_zip'],
                        cardHolderName => $_POST['bill_f_name']." ".$_POST['bill_l_name'],
                        cardHolderAddress => $_POST['bill_address_1'],
                        cardHolderCity => $_POST['bill_city'],
                        cardHolderState => $_POST['bill_state'],
                        cardHolderEmail => $_POST['bill_email'],
                        cardHolderPhone => $_POST['bill_phone'],
                        customerNum => $_POST['order_id'],
                        CVV2 => $_POST['cc_cvv'],
                        TaxIndicator => $_POST['tax_indicator'],
                        TotalTaxAmount => $_POST['tax_amt']);
// The ccSettle method

// Here are examples of some of the more important properties to check
$tf_trans_status     = $tf_payment->getVars("tf_trans_status");
$tf_ext_trans_status = $tf_payment->getVars("tf_ext_trans_status");
$tf_trans_refno      = $tf_payment->getVars("tf_trans_refno");
$tf_avs_code         = $tf_payment->getVars("avs_response_code");

// If the response code is not 00 (approved)
if ($tf_trans_status != '00') {
	// Put your code here to deal with failed transactions
} else {
	// Put your code here to deal with successful transactions
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