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API Interfaces


Takes input as a single string. This string should be the whole
.torrent file or whatever encoded stream you want to decode.

Returns the array of the original encoded data. For example, to
get the URL of the tracker used by a .torrent, use

	$fd = fopen("myfile.torrent", "rb");
	$stream = fread($fd, filesize("myfile.torrent"));
	$array = BDecode($stream);
	echo "Url: ".$array["announce"]."\n";


Pretty much the opposite of the decoder. It takes an array and
outputs the encoded data as one large string. Assuming there
are no bugs in the code, BEncode(BDecode($stream) should give
the exact same string back.


My first impression of the whole BEncode system is that Python
makes a distinction between lists and dictionaries. I'm sure that's
a good thing for the Python programmers but we have a different

PHP doesn't really make a difference between lists and
dictionaries. They're all arrays. As such, the difference
between a dictionary and an array is simple: lists are numerically
indexed only. If (isset($array[0])) is true, you may assume the
array is a "list" and treat it as such. Iterate until !isset($array[$i]);

In the event of a list that has zero entries ("le"), it will be represented
as array() (is_array() && empty()). Dictionaries ("de") will be represented
as the boolean type true, not an array.

This should hold as long as Bram doesn't do something cruel in the
near future. :)


The return value will always be an array if the response is one of the
normal responses of BitTorrent, which are always dictionaries. But it will
also accept non-dictionaries as input.

For exmaple, BDecode("i15e") === (int) 15

Finally, the decoder is a little more tolerant of bencoding errors than
the Python becode library. Things like sorted dictionaries when decoding
are not enforced.

One last thing about dictionaries. If you were to do something like this:

foreach ($array as $left => $right) { .. }
 or similarly
$array[$left] = $right;

Then beware: $left has had addslashes applied to it. This is to work
around a small quirk in PHP. Null bytes ("\0") would cause the value
of $left to be truncated at the null byte.
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