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ENGLISH VERSION of install.txt

|        TJSChat Version 0.95                     |
|        CHAT MODULE in PHP4-MySQL                |
| Auteur    : Olivier HONDERMARCK                 |
| Web       : http://www.toutjavascript.com       |
|           : http://www.toutjavascript.com/chat  |
| Mail      : hide@address.com        |
| Created  :  8 June 2001                         |
| Modif.    : 28 January 2002                     |

1. Objective of the module
This script allows the management a chat in PHP4 language associated with a MySQL database .
Advantages with regard to the other chats in PHP:
 - Use of DHTML which eliminates any blinking during the refreshing 
   of the list of the connected or the messages. 
 - Pages are never reloaded. Only copies are refreshed.
 - All the wording and all the colours are customizable. 
   It is so possible to translate it completely without modifying the code.
 - The classic features of a chat are supported :
    - Colours, smileys,
    - List of the connected in real time,
    - Parameter settings of the maximum number of simultaneous connections . 

2. Functioning
You can see the chat functioning at :
The chat works and was tested with the navigators IE5 and higher and Netscape 6.
The chat does not work with Netscape 4.X

3. Conditions of use
You can use this chat module if you :
  1 - leave accessible and visible the link on the logo of the script below to the left.
  2 - send me a mail to indichate on which site the script is installed.
  3 - accept all the risks (loss of data, excess load of the server...) related to the use of this module. 

4. Installation
 * Copy all the files into a directory of your site. 
   Your site must accept the PHP4 and the database MySQL.
 * The module requires access to the mysql.php file which contains the function 
   Connection()  which assures the connection to the data base.
 * Launch the install.php file in your navigator. It will :
   - determine the presence of the necessary tables (chat_XXX)
   - if they are absent it will launch their creation
   - if these tables already exist, either the installation is done, or these tables have another utility. 
   - in this case change their name in the param.php file 
 * Once the tables are created, launch the index.php file. The module is ready for use. 

5. Parameter setting
The appearance and the parameter setting are completely customizable in the param.php file.
You can modify the wording text, the titles and the messages of status.
You can also modify colours and dimensions of the chat.
The declaration of the styles are in the file chat.css.
By default param.php is in french. But you can rename param_en.php to param.php and you will find english wording

Advice for setting the parameters.
A chat module is rather greedy of side server resources because all the connected are checked at regular intervals for new messages and the list of the connected is updated. 
The shorter this interval is the better will be the impression of real time, but bigger will be the load on the server.
By default the delay is fixed to 5 seconds. Even though this module has been optimized to limit the 
number of requests, it is advised to keep this duration so as not to overload the server.

6. Bugs and evolutions
The module is in constant evolution.
It is very possible that the chat does not work correctly in certain situations.
Please send your remarks and suggestions to 

7. Version history

V0.96 : 19 March 2004
Compatible with PHP having register_globals set to "off"

V0.95 : 28 January 2002 
English Translation (thanks to Mike Briley for his help)

V0.9b : 14 July 2001
First public release

V0.5b : 8 June 2001
Tested on www.toutjavascript.com by visitors


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