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  Copyright (c) 2004-2012 TinyWebGallery
  written by Michael Dempfle
  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify 
  it under the terms of the TinyWebGallery license (based on the GNU  
  General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation;  
  either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. 
  See license.txt for details.
  TWG version: 1.8.8
  $Date: 2009-06-17 22:57:10 +0200 (Mi, 17 Jun 2009) $
  $Revision: 73 $

// language file - 1.8.8 - if you translate a language file where already some parts are translated: Please don't remove the former translator completely - insert him/her behind the lang_translator as a comment
$lang_translator = "&nbsp;";
$lang_optionen = "Options";
$lang_menu_titel = "Caption";
$lang_kommentar = "Comment";

$lang_back_link = "Home |"; // don't translate this - in other languages I show an nice home icon - only if you want to have your text here add this to your language file!
$lang_titel = "";
$lang_titel_no = "No images uploaded yet.";
$lang_select_gallery = "Please select a gallery.";
$lang_help = "Help";
$lang_new_window = "New&nbsp;window";
$lang_login = "Login";
$lang_logout = "Logout";
$lang_visitor = "Visits:";
$lang_total = "Total:";
$lang_today = "Today:";
$lang_galleries = "Galleries";
$lang_picture = "Image";
$lang_pictures = "Images";
$lang_of = "/";

$lang_overview = "To the overview";
$lang_forward = "Next";
$lang_back = "Previous";
$lang_rotate_left = "Rotate left";
$lang_rotate_right = "Rotate right";
$lang_start_slideshow = "Start slideshow";
$lang_stop_slideshow = "Stop slideshow";
$lang_thumb_forward = "&gt;"; // = '>'
$lang_thumb_back="&lt;"; // = '<'
$lang_views = "&nbsp;views";

$lang_login_php_enter = "Please enter the password to unlock extended features of the gallery.";
$lang_login_php_enter_again = "Wrong password<br />Please enter again:";

$lang_kommenar_php_both_fields = "Please fill out both fields.<br />";
$lang_kommenar_php_enter_name = "Please enter a name:";
$lang_kommenar_php_enter_comment = "Please enter a comment:";
$lang_kommenar_php_name = "Name:";
$lang_kommenar_php_comment = "Comment:";
$lang_kommenar_php_speichern = "Save";

$lang_privatelogin_php_wrong_password = "Wrong password<br />Please enter again:";
$lang_privatelogin_php_password = "Please enter the password for the gallery<br />'%s':";
$lang_privatelogin_php_login = "Login";

$lang_titel_php_titel = "Please enter a caption:";
$lang_titel_php_save = "Save";

$lang_slideshowid_php_loading = "Slideshow is loading ...";

$lang_opionen_php_yes = "Yes";
$lang_opionen_php_no = "No";
$lang_opionen_php_new_window = "Open Gallery in new window";
$lang_opionen_php_opt_slideshow = "Optimized slideshow";
$lang_opionen_php_slideshowintervall = "Slideshow interval (sec.)";
$lang_opionen_php_ok = "OK";
$lang_opionen_php_top_nav = "Show only top navigation";

$lang_back_topx = "back&nbsp;to&nbsp;the&nbsp;Top&nbsp;%s";
$lang_topx = "Top&nbsp;%s";
$lang_main_topx = "Back to the galleries";
// new in 1.1
$lang_loading = "loading...";
$lang_dhtml_navigation = "Navigation type";
$lang_optionen_slideshow = "Type of slideshow";
$lang_optionen_slideshow_fullscreen = "Maximized";
$lang_optionen_slideshow_optimized = "Cross fade";
$lang_optionen_slideshow_normal = "Normal";
$lang_lowbandwidth = "TinyWebGallery is optimized for slow connections.";
$lang_highbandwidth = "TinyWebGallery is optimized for fast connections.";
// new in 1.2
$lang_email_menu_user = "Email notification";
$lang_email_menu_admin = "Send email";
// Sorrymessage for failed subscription
$lang_email_sorrysignmessage = "Sorry, the email %s is already registered.";
// Sorrymessage for blank email
$lang_email_sorryblankmailmessage = "Please enter an email address.";
// Sorrymessage for invalid emails
$lang_email_sorryoddmailmessage = "Sorry, the email \"%s\" you entered does not look like a valid email address.";
// Sorrymessage if someone entered your own mail
$lang_email_sorryownmailmessage = "Sorry, but I don't really want to get my own newsletter!";
// Title of the newsletter, will be displayed in the subject field of the mail client
$lang_email_subscribemail_subject = "Subscribtion to email notification.";
// Subscribemessage, will be shown when someone subscribes.
$lang_email_subscribemessage = "Thank you for the registration. A confirmation email is sent to your email address.";
// Subscribemail, will be sent when someone subscribes.
$lang_email_subscribemail = "You were successfully added to the email notification.";
// Unsubscribemessage for deletion, will be followed by the email!
$lang_email_unsubscribemessage = "The email '%s' was removed.";
// Unsubscribemessage for failed deletion, will be followed by the email!
$lang_email_failedunsubscriptionmessage = "Email %s not found.";
// the welcometext
$lang_email_welcomemessage = "You can register and cancel the registration for the email notification.<br/>You get informed by the gallery administrator if new images are added to the gallery.";
// email could not be sent.
$lang_email_error_send_mail = "The confirmation email could not be sent.<br/>The email server is probably not configured properly. Please contact the gallery administrator.";

$lang_email_add = "Add";
$lang_email_remove = "Remove";
$lang_email_send = "Send";

$lang_email_admin_welcomemessage_send = 'Here you can inform all registered users (%s) about changes of the gallery.';
$lang_email_admin_sorryoddsendermailmessage = "Sorry, the sender email \"%s\" you entered does not look like a valid email address.";
$lang_email_admin_sendermail = "Sender address (your email)";
$lang_email_admin_subject = "Subject";
$lang_email_admin_message = "Message";
$lang_email_admin_sendbutton = "Send";
$lang_email_admin_sent = "The following message was sent:";
$lang_email_admin_from = "From";
$lang_email_admin_notloggedin = "You are not logged in. Please go to the main page and log in.";

$lang_visitor_30 = "30 days history";

$lang_login_php_enter = "Please enter the password to unlock the extended features of the gallery.";
$lang_opionen_php_zoom = "Fullscreen";
$lang_administration = "Administration";
$lang_opionen_php_zoom_message = "Attention: \'Fullscreen\' is slower than the normal view, because the images are generated on the fly. The images are larger too and therefore they take longer to transfer.\\nPlease use this option only if you have a fast internet connection!";
$lang_first = "First";
$lang_last = "Last";
$lang_no_session = "Session is not available. Login to private galleries is not enabled.";
$lang_not_loggedin = "You are not logged in.<br/>Please go to the main page and unlock this gallery.<br/>If you get this message after entering a login you have to activate cookies first!";
$lang_no_topx_images = "No images could be found for this view. <br/>Protected galleries are only included if you unlock them first.";

$lang_tips_overview = array('Tip: Please click on the help link, if you want to know what you can do with the gallery.','Tip: Press l for login', 'Tip: Press s for search');
$lang_tips_thumb = array('Tip: On the small navigation in the left upper corner you can directly jump to all the parent levels.','Tip: The Top 13 on this page does only show the most viewed images of THIS directory.','Tip: Press l for login', 'Tip: Press s for search');
$lang_tips_image = array('Tip: You can use the left/right arrow key to navigate to the next/last image.','Tip: If you login (right upper corner) you can enter captions, delete comments and rotate images permanently.','Tip: You can use smiles like :) or ;) in titles and comments.','Tip: Press l for login','Tip: Press i for info','Tip: Press t for tile (captions)','Tip: Press c for comments','Tip: Press o for options');

// new 1.3
$lang_dl_as_zip1 = "You can download all images of this directory in a single archive.<br />Do you want to download the whole directory or continue to the actual image?";
$lang_dl_as_zip2 = "Actual image";
$lang_dl_as_zip3 = "All";
$lang_dl_as_zip4 = "Do not ask again in this session."; // we store this is the session

$lang_download_counter = "Downloads";
$lang_download_counter_short = "dl";
// not used in 1.3 yet!
$lang_email_subscribemail_2_subject = "Please confirm your registration at the TinyWebGallery";
$lang_email_subscribemail_2 = "Dear TinyWebGallery user:\n\nYou have registered to the notification list of TinyWebGallery. To complete the registration please click on the link below:\n%s\n\nYour TinyWebGallery";
// --
$lang_rating = "Vote";
$lang_rating1 = "1";
$lang_rating2 = "2";
$lang_rating3 = "3";
$lang_rating4 = "4";
$lang_rating5 = "5";
$lang_rating_button = "Rate";
$lang_rating_text = "Please rate the actual image:";
$lang_rating_new="New vote: ";

$lang_rating_security="Please enter the 4 characters<br />of the security code [A-F,0-9]:";
$lang_rating_help="Please click on the image,<br />if you cannot see the code.";
$lang_rating_message1="You have already voted.";
$lang_rating_message2="Please close this window. The display of the rating is updated after the next action";
$lang_rating_message3="Thanks for voting.";
$lang_rating_message4="You have entered a wrong code.";

$lang_fileinfo_name = "File name";
$lang_fileinfo_date = "Date";
$lang_fileinfo_size = "Size";
$lang_fileinfo_resolution = "Dimensions";
$lang_fileinfo_views = "Views";
$lang_fileinfo_dl = "Downloads";
$lang_fileinfo_rating = "Rating";
$lang_fileinfo_not_available = " - (remote)";
$lang_exif_not_available = " - ";
// please check the constants in the file inc/exifReader.inc.php for exif entries you can try - not all are available on all cameras! sometimes the constants don't work - try to google for the real exif field name!
$lang_exif_info = array("Camera model" => "model", "Exif date" => "DateTime", "Focal length" => "focalLength", "Aperture" => "fnumber", "Shutter speed" => "exposureTime", "ISO" => "isoEquiv");

$lang_comments = "Comments";
$lang_last_comments="Latest comments";
$lang_show_kommentar="Show comments";
$lang_add_kommentar="Add comment";
$lang_close_fullscreen="Back to the normal view";

$lang_search_results="Search results";
$lang_search_back="Back to the search results.";
$lang_search_text="Please enter the search text:";
$lang_search_where="Search in";
$lang_search_max="Hits shown per page";
$lang_search_hits="Found %s hits.";

// new 1.5
$lang_search_latest="Last Uploads";
$lang_video_disabled="<center>The internal speed test has detected that you connection is very slow.<br>Videos would take very long to show embedded.<br>Therefore videos are disabled right now!</center>";
$lang_search_days = "days";

// new 1.6
$lang_open_all="open all";
$lang_close_all="close all";
$lang_login_php_enter = "Please enter username/password,<br />to use the extended features:";
$lang_login_php_enter_again = "Wrong username/password<br />Please enter again:";
$lang_username= "Username";
$lang_password= "Password";
$lang_language= "Language TWG Admin";
$lang_allowed_html_tags="Allowed html Tags:";
$lang_menu_top_tags="Top tags";
$lang_tag_enter="Please enter the tags for this image and/or the whole directory.<br/>Seperate tags with a comma (,).";
$lang_tag_enter_image="Image tags";
$lang_tag_enter_dir="Album tags";
$lang_tag_enter_header="Top %s tags";
$lang_no_tags="No tags found.<br>Only tags from unprotected or unlocked galleries can be shown.";
$lang_iptc_info = array("Description" => "2#120", "Creator" => "2#122,2#080", "Copyright" => "2#116", "Source" => "2#115", "Caption" => "2#105,2#005");

// new 1.7
$lang_refresh_album_cache="Plese refresh.<br>The album cache is not build yet.";
$lang_register_req="Please enter all required fields.";
$lang_register_error_user="The username can only contain the following characters: a-z,A-Z,0-9,- and _.";
$lang_register_id="Registration id is not valid.";
$lang_register_security="Security image is not valid.";
$lang_register_inuse="This user name is already in use.<br>Please select a different one.";
$lang_register_nouser="User could not be created</p><p>Please contact your gallery administrator.";
$lang_register_created="Your account was sucessfully created.";
$lang_register_upload="Your upload directory is:";
$lang_register_upload2="You can login in this folder in the right upper corner and manage your images with the TFU Flash Uploader by pressing 'Upload' in the menu.";
$lang_register_upload3="Have fun.";
$lang_register_dir="The directory could not be created.</p><p>Please contact your gallery administrator.";
$lang_register_intro="Please enter a user name and a password. The user name will be used as folder name for your gallery.";
$lang_register_askid="Please ask your gallery administrator for the registration id.";
$lang_register_regid="Registration id";
$lang_register_ip="Your ip:";
$lang_register_here="Register here";
$lang_register_security_image="Security image";
$lang_root_mode_access='Main access is not allowed in multi root mode.';
$lang_root_mode_login='You don\'t have access to this album.';
$lang_mobile='Mobile mode';

// new 1.8
$lang_right_message='Right click is disabled!';
$lang_edit_default = 'Default';
$lang_edit_folder_name = 'Folder name'; 
$lang_edit_folder_name_tooltip = 'The folder name is stored in foldername.txt in the album folder.'; 
$lang_edit_folder_description = 'Folder description';
$lang_edit_folder_description_tooltip = 'The folder description is stored in folder.txt in the album folder. The text is  shown on the main/<wbr>thumbnail page and can be enabled on the detail page by setting $enable<wbr>_dir<wbr>_description<wbr>_on<wbr>_image';
$lang_edit_lang_all = 'All';
//replacer - do not remove

// height of the i_frames - please check if the settings match for your language!!
$lang_xpos_lang_dropdown=200; // this is only needed if you include twg and ie does not position the language dropdown correct because you include twg in several divs - in a fixed layout you can adjust this here - if you don't have a fix layout don't use the dropdown - use the normal setting!
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