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TWG Administration backend 1.6 - README
The backend of TWG uses several scripts I want to give credit to:

- joomlaXplorer 1.2 which is based is based on QuiXplorer 2.3.1 
  (available at http://quixplorer.sourceforge.net/).
  I have removed the whole joOmla integration, fixed a lot of bugs and
  made some addons like the thumbnailview, TWG mime types ...
- The man in blue where I got the idea for the color picker. I have rewritten almost
  everything but still use some of the javascripts in there
  (available at http://www.themaninblue.com/experiment/Technicolor/)
- the basic color table was found on http://screenexa.net/html/farbtab.htm by 
  Christine K├╝hnel - Thanks for this nice color table script
- the basic backend layout was adopted from Joomla (www.joomla.de)



Actually - nothing to install :). TWG admin should be in the folder 'admin' 
of TWG because it uses the main configuration file. The administration was implemented
for 1.4 - But many features work for 1.3 as well!

For the first login use
login: admin
password: twg_admin
You are asked to change this password at the first login!
Also TWG shows "Administration" in red if you still 
use the default password.

If you don't change the password everyone can access your whole
TWG installation!

Have fun with the administration area - if you have problems do the following:
- check the info page!
- read the how-to's
- search the forum - There is a section for the administration
- Click on a couple of the ad's on my homepage
- write your problem to the forum - normaly I check this every day! 
  it is as fast as email and it maybe help other people too! 
- Click on a couple of the ad's on my homepage
- contact me per email and get help :).
- donate a little bit via paypal

Have fun using TWG administration

This version is 0.91 because the follwing features I liked are not included yet:

for 1.0:
- Multilingual backend! The administration will be in German too!
- rename copy of xml files if folders are renamed/moved !

Please go to the website for the history of TWG!

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