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TWG version

Here you find a small history of small bugfixes where I don't release a new release.
If you want to update I recommend to overwrite all files except your settings in
my_config.php, my_style.css and admin/_config/.htusers.php and your pictures dir of course.
Check the history for a full list of changes: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/history.htm

If you need an urgent fix of something - There is always a way to speed things up ;)
Fix: Captions could not be entered through the fronten because of a typo. Now it wirks fine again.
New: I added $hide_empty_directories to the config.
Fix: Error when self registration was used. I forgot to remove a debug line. The self registration path was entered wrong in the user file. No login was possible. Now the path is fixed.
Fix: On some systems errors because of disabled functions are shown in the debug file. I don't show the error message there there anymore.
Fix: The link in the info Box was not pointing to the right cache dir + the alt attribute is now filled with the caption.
Fix: IPTC data reading was not enabled by default in the config. Now this is default and captions and tags are read properly.
Fix: The $autocreate_folder_image_recursive function does now pick the first image from the first folder with images if no topx images were found.
Fix: horizonal spacing was 2 px to little whne clipped images where not used on the overview page. This works now like expected.

New: The left/right buttons of the non-scolling dhtml navigation are now using Javascript as well and not html links as before
New: Updated TFU to 2.10.7
New: I added $admin_enable_cmd_checks. So if e.g. the image magick/ffmpeg checks fail with an error you can disable them.
New: Updated finish language file - Thanks to Antti Kuukka 
New: Support for special chars when url.txt is used with a local path  
New: Support for user registration in sub folders if enabled only by a folder based config.php
New: I integrated the new TWG logo to the backend!
New: TWG is now using sprites (=one image is loaded and only parts of it are displayed on different places)! In total I removed 315! images from the build.
New: Language handling was improved - instead of having 90 files now only 30 are left. Read the new updated howto 8 if you want to add your own language.
New: The vote buttons are now much better - better look, better handling, only one image is used!
New: I added $multi_root_mode_permissions - can be used to autologin users - check howto 52
New: The Lytebox does now only show the waiting icon if the image swtich take longer than 1 second. Just looks smother
New: Modified Settings in the backed are now shown blue to find them better!
New: You can now save the modified values in my_config.php only.
New: twg_random_display parameter added to support that a random image can open an image directly. Should be used together with a lighbox! See howto 4.
New: Selected tab in the administration is now marked red.
New: Stack trace is printed to the debug file when enhanced debug is enabled
New: Addons are supported. Check the website
Fix: Images are only resized if really needed with gdlib.
Fix: Non-scolling dhtml navigation + a dynamic background image was not working together - now it is.
Fix: $hide_overview_image_border is now working again.
Fix: TWG is now php 5.3.x compatible. One depreciation warning was shown if the server had the wrong error level settings.
Fix: Some problem during the cache generation.
Fix: Some typos in the language files
Fix: Cooliris plugin is now working again - I hope their implementation reading the css stays stable now.
Fix: Eliminated some error messages that could occur on some servers.
Fix: TWG is now W3C conform again
Fix: The parameter 'include_iframe' is not in the backend anymore because since 1.7.6 this only needed in special cases - see howto 2
Fix: Cleaned up the generated my_config.php
Fix: I removed the +repage from the imagemagick command because this is not available on all systems.
Fix: $twg_standalone was not added at the bandwith and the enable cache link. When included in a cms this links where then not working like expected.
Fix: email check for the e-mail notification fixed.
Fix: E-mail notification e-mails are now sent in UTF-8 - thanks to Maskolis for the fix.
Fix: Reimplemented 'Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated'
Fix: Many small things you most likely have not noticed yet ;).
Fix: ffmpeg uploads fails if the movie could not be created. Now a check is done right after the upload.
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