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TWG Flash Uploader 2.10 - german language file 

Please note - This file is only a delta file!
English, German and Spanisch are build into the flash already!

Go to the default.xml and copy the text you want to change into this 
file. The example below is only a dummy!

If you make any changes make sure to save the file as UTF-8! Otherwise special characters
are not displayed properly!
  <LANG><KEY>key</KEY><VALUE>New value</VALUE></LANG>
  <!-- The feature below is not documented yet - I will do this is nthe next version! -->
  <LANG><KEY>post_template</KEY><VALUE>Name: %name%
Firma: %company%
Adresse: %address%
PLZ/Ort: %postcode% %city%
Telefon: %telephone%
Fax: %fax%
E-Mail: %email%

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