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Changelog for joomlaXplorer

--- version 1.3.2 released 

- fixed various problems (create file/directory, archiving, download) with $mosConfig_absolute_path

--- version 1.3.1 released ---

- last visited directory is stored in the session for quick go-back
- updated finnish language
- added Icelandic language
- fixed an error which caused icons not to display
  in directories outside of the Joomla/Mambo root directory

--- version 1.3.0 released ---

- the home directory is now ONE LEVEL ABOVE the joomla/mambo directory.
	If you have joomla inside 
	You will be able to browse to the root directory
	! Check if you want this behaviour. When not, see /_config/conf.php line 41....
- created archives don't contain the full path anymore, but the relative path from the mosConfig_absolute_path
- converted transparent .png to .gif
- removed the IE transparency fix, which caused IE to slow down (really long load times!)
- updated the language files
- "Chmod", "Edit" and "Delete" links are not active now, when the file is not chmodable, writable or deletable
- delete alert box will display the name of the file that is to be deleted
- added a checkbox to chmod form, so the user can decide wether to chmod rescursively or not
- added a rename feature
- current user ID and group ID (on a *nix OS) are displayed correctly now
- component name changed to "joomlaXplorer"

--- version 1.2.1 released ---

- bug fix: File Upload Icon is grey although file uploads are allowed
- bug fix: [#4944] mamboXplorer strips \r\n to just rn
- added Unzip / Unarchive Feature (Feature Request #6171)
  to unpack archive types: zip, gz, bz2
  directly on your webspace.
- fix for the PNG Fix.

--- version 1.2a released ---

- new language variables + more languages
- nice X - Icon for components Menu. thanks to Michael!
- added PNG transparency fix for IE
- added Owner / Group information to File List
- bug fix: "$ok @cmod" changed to "$ok = @chmod"

--- version 1.2 released ---
- removed full path from Archive ( tar.gz /bzip2 Archive Creation)
- added ability to change permissions recursiveley through all subdirectories

--- version 1.1 released ---
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