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<h2>The Form Helper - Advanced Usage</h2>

<p><em><strong>NB:</strong> All paths are relative to the Tina MVC plugin folder: <code><?= TINA_MVC\plugin_folder() ?></code>.</em></p>

<p>The following controller (in <code>samples/09_form_helper_advanced/test_form_2_controller.php</code>) shows more advanced
useage of the forms helper.</p>


<p>This example illustrates the use of:
    <li>Using method chaining to add field properties</li>
    <li>Adding multiple validation rules</li>
    <li>Using 'db_table' and 'db_field' to group submitted data (see <code>$form->get_posted_data()</code> and
        <code>$form->get_posted_db_data()</code> towards the end of the this controller file)</li>

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