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TigerTom's Loan & Mortgage Calculator Scripts (TTLoanCalc)
Version 1.1

Download: http://www.ttfreeware.com
Demo: http://www.tigertom.com/secured-loans-uk.shtml#secured_loans_UK_calculator
Support: http://www.tigertom.com/forum/

Copyright (c) 2005 T. O' Donnell
Developed for TigerTom by Jon K.

Released under the GNU General Public License, with the
following proviso: 

That the HTML of hyperlinks to the authors' websites
this software generates shall remain intact and unaltered, 
in any version of this software you make.
If this is not strictly adhered to, your licence shall be 
rendered null, void and invalid.


Version 1.1: Released 9th July 2006. HTML-filtering code added. 
Renamed to TTLoanCalc to avoid confusion with another program of the same name.

Version 1.0: Released 5th July 2006.


Simply upload the files to your server in ASCII mode and put them in a web-accessible directory.
Then call 'loan.php' or 'mortgage.php' with your browser.

You can change the colors of the background, alignment etc. by modifying the
'loan.css' file, and the HTML in the 'mortgage.php' and 'loan.php' files. 

If you alter the HTML in the PHP files, note that you may need to 'comment out' characters like " and ; by putting a backward-slash in front of them, like so \"

If you are making your own HTML code to 'call' the script, note that the GBP 'pound' sign is £ and the Euro symbol is €


- FTP upload the file 'ttcalc.zip' in BINARY mode only, if you're unzipping it on-site. 

- FTP upload individual .php files in ASCII mode only. 

- Don't edit the .php files in a word processor, like MS Word. Use a simple text editor 
like Windows NotePad or EditPad instead.

- Change permissions (CHMOD) .php files to 705.

- If it's a server error, repeat what caused the error, then go quickly to the error log on your control panel that came with your web hosting account. Any clues there?

Genuine bugs can be reported here: http://www.tigertom.com/forum/ 

How it works
The php script is divided into three parts. The first part is the form which reads user's input. 
The second part calculates and displays the overall calculations.
The third part shows the amortization details if the user checked the "Show Amortization" box.
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