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Version 2.0 - July 2007

Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Dmitry Sheiko

	PHP version 4.1.x+ (http://www.php.net) 
	Works with UNIX and Windows both

This toolkit is the simplest way to create own in-text advertising system 
using IntelliTXT (IntelliImages/IntelliMedia) technology approach. 

You need only to include on your site pages these java scripts and fill sample.csv 
with you terms and their descriptions (ads). Now when a user of your site hovers mouse 
cursor on a term from your list (sample.csv), he or she will get popup window (tooltip) 
with related description. Notice this the script asks server for term description only 
when user hovers mouse on the term.

You can use this library to create portal news popup description, interactive reference 
book and son on as well. 

Thesaurus 2.0 includes ad visiting/clicking statistics and memory cache

License Type: Freeware. Price: Free
License Type: Commercial License. Price: 39.95$ (ask me about by email hide@address.com)

index.html - sample
controller.php - controller (sample 1)
db_controller.php - controller (sample 2). In this case you have ad visiting/clicking statistics
thesaurus.sql - DB SQL dump
sample.csv - Sample of thesaurus dictionary (VDB)
thesaurus.js - thesaurus library
thesaurus_default.css - design theme
thesaurus_fancy.css - design theme
thesaurus_bubble.css - design theme
bubble.gif - element of bubble design theme
yahoo.js, connection-min.js - YUI Ajax Connector Library (http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/ )

How to install

Place all files into a folder (for instance, "/thesaurus/")
You need to put 
<script src = "/thesaurus/yahoo.js" ></script>
<script src = "/thesaurus/connection-min.js" ></script>
<link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="thesaurus_fancy.css" />
<script src = "/thesaurus/thesaurus.js" ></script>

in the HTML. 

Insert in the HTML right before </body>:

	THConfig.Charset = 'UTF-8';	
	THConfig.CaseSensitive = 'off';	
	THConfig.CtrlURL = "/thesaurus/controller.php";

Where THConfig.Charset points at what the charset your pages use
THConfig.CaseSensitive says if your terms should be case sensitive
THConfig.CtrlURL contains URL to the controller script

If you want get term's data from MySQL DB, use db_controller.php

	THConfig.CtrlURL = "/thesaurus/db_controller.php";
You can turn off memory cache of term descriptions with declaration:

	THConfig.MemoryCache = 'off';

But in that case you will not have ad/description viewing/cliking statistics	

You can limit area of parsing with HTML-blocks. For example you can make 
script to parse only 2 blocks:

	<div id="Block1">text text</div>
		text text
	<div id="Block2">text text</div>

Now you should point them within configuration:

	THConfig.parseElements = ['Block1', 'Block2']; 
	THConfig.CtrlURL = "/thesaurus/controller.php";

Yours sincerely,
Dmitry Sheiko,
senior web developer at Red Graphic Systems (www.redgraphic.com) 
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