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<h1>Thesaurus Tooltip Kit Sample</h1>

<div id="Introduction">
	This toolkit is the simplest way to create own in-text advertising system 
	using IntelliTXT (IntelliImages/IntelliMedia) technology approach. <br /><br />
	You need only to include on your site pages these java scripts and fill sample.csv with you terms and their descriptions (ads). Now when a user of your site hovers mouse cursor on a term from your list (sample.csv), he or she will get popup window (tooltip) with related description. Notice this the script asks server for term description only when user hovers mouse on the term.<br /><br />
	You can use this library to create portal news popup description, interactive reference book and son on as well. <br /><br />
	Thesaurus 2.0 contains new design themes. Use thesaurus_fancy.css, thesaurus_bubble.css or thesaurus_default.css<br /><br />
	<a href="http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html">License Type: Freeware.</a> Price: Free <br />
	License Type: Commercial License. Price: 39.95$  <br />

<div id="PageContent">
	<h1>Sample Text</h1>
	This sample is available also at <a href="http://www.cmsdevelopment.com/thesaurus/">http://www.cmsdevelopment.com/thesaurus/</a><br />
	Mentioned below sample text was taken from <a href="http://sitesapiens.com/info/features/">www.sitesapiens.com</a><br /><br />
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Digital Asset Management, including built-in file browser with broad features of file classification, ability of file compositions creation</LI>
	<LI>Document and file access permission management </LI>
	<LI>CSV format supporting within data import</LI>
	<LI>Data import and export by means of SOAP </LI></UL>
	<P><STRONG>Aggregation </STRONG></P>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Data syndication formats supporting</LI>
	<LI>Meta-data analysis for incoming data</LI>
	<LI>Integrated web-services</LI></UL>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Ability of platform management interface creation onto external environments (API Site Sapiens 3.0 SOAP Server)</LI>
	<LI>Ability of data synchronization between the Site Sapiens-based project repository and external heterogeneous networks. </LI>
	<LI>Ability of data collection from external systems. </LI></UL>
	<P><STRONG>Authoring </STRONG></P>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Management of information space structure by means of unified dynamic tree with branches, that can be downloaded by request on-the-fly. </LI>
	<LI>Record repository management by means of grids</LI>
	<LI>XML Sapiens 2.0 XML-based markup system, which allows flexible logical constructions. </LI>
	<LI>Context-depended help</LI>
	<LI>Unlimited nesting of record repository </LI>
	<LI>Generation of content management interfaces on the basis of specified XML scheme.</LI></UL>
	<P><STRONG>Content organizing</STRONG> </P>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Ability of content object classification (records, documents) within specified aspects in accordance with principles: one to many, many to many </LI></UL>
	<P><STRONG>Versioning </STRONG></P>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Author documents/records version management </LI></UL>
	<P><STRONG>Personalization </STRONG></P>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Setting of interface appearance (tree, grid, browsers), data selecting/filtering conditions. Restoring of user settings when he is turning to certain interface. </LI>
	<LI>Actions tracking</LI></UL>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Multilingual GUI</LI>
	<LI>UTF-8 system char set as standard</LI></UL>
	<P><STRONG>Reporting </STRONG></P>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Ability of any system events tracking, monitors creation, assignation of reporting direction (server, email-addresses) </LI></UL>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Encrypted sessions</LI>
	<LI>Object (document, records, files) access permission management</LI></UL>
	<P><STRONG>Staging Server for QA</STRONG></P>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Unit-test of all general system API </LI></UL>
	<P><STRONG>Content Delivery</STRONG></P>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Publishing </LI>
	<UL type=circle>
	<LI>Separate Delivery </LI>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Replication </LI>
	<LI>Synchronization of mirror sites</LI></UL></UL></UL>
	<UL type="square">
	<LI>Multi-Publishing to different clients </LI>
	<UL type=circle>
	<LI>Cell phones</LI></UL>
	<UL type=circle>
	<LI>RDF Syndicated News Feeds </LI>

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	THConfig.Charset = 'UTF-8';	
	THConfig.CaseSensitive = 'off';	
	THConfig.CtrlURL = "controller.php";
	THConfig.parseElements = ['Introduction', 'PageContent']; // When this parameter is missed, the system parses whole BODY content
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