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  <title>The Merchant 2: Installation Guide</title>
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  <table align='center' width='95%' border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>
      <td class='content'>
        <a name='top'><div id='heading'>The Merchant 2: Install Guide</div></a>
        <div id='subheading'>Table of Contents</div><br />

        <b><a href='#intro'>Introduction</a></b>
          <li><a href='#gameobjectives'>Game Objectives</a></li>
          <li><a href='#gamehistory'>Game History</a></li>
          <li><a href='#gamedevelopers'>Game Developers</a></li>
          <li><a href='#contributors'>Contributors</a></li>
        </ul><br />

        <b><a href='#unpacking'>Unpacking</a></b>
            <a href='#windows'>Windows</a>
                <li>rar File</li>
                <li>tar.bz2 File</li>
            <a href='#nix'>Unix / Linux</a>
                <li>rar File</li>
                <li>tar.bz2 File</li>
        </ul><br />

        <b><a href='#installation'>Installation</a></b>
          <li><a href='#installintro'>Introduction</a></li>
          <li><a href='#setupdb'>Setting up the database</a></li>
          <li><a href='#wizard'>The installation wizard</a></li>
        </ul><br />

        <b><a href='#support'>Support Locations</a></b>
          <li><a href='#irc'>IRC Channel</a></li>
          <li><a href='#forums'>Forums</a></li>
        </ul><br />

        <hr />

        <div style='float: right'><a href='#top'>Top</a></div>
        <div id='heading'><a name='intro'>Introduction</a></div>
        <div id='subheading'><a name='gameobjectives'>Game Objectives</a></div><br />

        <div id='topiccontent'>
          The main objective of this game was for me to learn more about PHP and MySQL,
          sure, I had been programming in PHP for a long time before I started this project
          but with a language as vast as PHP you cannot know everything. I continually
          have the PHP reference manual open when programming, because you might know
          what the function call is, but you have either forgotten what parameters the
          function takes, or you forgot what the function returns on failure, is it a
          FALSE or a 0?<br /><br />

          That was in the beginning, but soon The Merchant evolved from a simple project
          to an online game with an appeal to many gamers. The Merchant 2 now contains
          many fixes to the code and might be considered the first version of the game
          to be a full production version. Time will mostly be spent on bug fixes and
          developing the community, we are not going to immediately start on the next
          version as I have done in the past, we will first make this version completely
          bug free before we move on to the next version of the game.<br /><br />

          The new objective of this game is now to become the most played online space
          RPG game on the net, this is a huge goal to work for, but it is something that
          can be accomplished.<br /><br />

          The development team for The Merchant is highly motivated and willing to aim
          for the goal of being the best.
        </div><br />

        <div style='float: right'><a href='#top'>Top</a></div>
        <div id='subheading'><a name='gamehistory'>Game History</a></div><br />

        <div id='topiccontent'>
          The game was first thought of by Stephen Eyre, about 3 years ago. The game
          hadn't even been coded, only a user system had been done with a few graphics
          and site layouts. The project went dormant for a few months before I came along
          and asked Stephen if I could help with the project. Development of the project
          restarted and a few new scripts were developed, we had an image creator script
          working and a universe within to fly. But then we both lost interest in the
          project.<br /><br />

          About 7 months ago I was bored one day and had a look at the old code for
          The Merchant, being a more experienced developer at that time I could see
          where all my faults were. At that point I decided to restart the project (again...)
          and see if we can make an actual game from it. Stephen was keen and contributed
          a few ideas, but he himself could not participate in the coding of the project.<br /><br />

          The Merchant beta 1.0.0 was soon available for download and it had been running
          on a test server for a while when it was decided that TM needed a new interface,
          this interface then stuck with the project until the version you see before you
          came out with a more game-oriented interface. The template for the old interface
          is still kept in the distribution but will soon be removed.<br /><br />

          Just a few days after the announcement of development on TM 2 was made on the
          public server (2 April 2006) Tyler Van Hensbergen joined the project team
          to help in the development of The Merchant 2 and have it ready by the end
          of the rounds at that time (17 May 2006).
        </div><br />

        <div style='float: right'><a href='#top'>Top</a></div>
        <div id='subheading'><a name='gamedevelopers'>Developers</a></div><br />

        <div id='topiccontent'>
            <li><b>Project Admin</b> Shaun Steenkamp (<i>Deiphos</i>)</li>
            <li><b>Developer</b> WolfShine (<i>WolfShine</i>)</li>
        </div><br />

        <div style='float: right'><a href='#top'>Top</a></div>
        <div id='subheading'><a name='contributors'>Contributors</a></div><br />

        <div id='topiccontent'>
          </ul><br />

          Many other people have contributed to the project in the form of beta testing
          and reporting bugs, I would like to thank all of those people but I
          am sorry that I cannot list you here, there are simply too many ;)
        </div><br />

        <hr />

        <div style='float: right'><a href='#top'>Top</a></div>
        <div id='heading'><a name='unpacking'>Unpacking</a></div>
        <div id='subheading'><a name='windows'>Windows</a></div><br />

        <div id='topiccontent'>
          <b>rar Files</b><br />
          rar files are no longer released by The Merchant team, we have moved over
          to tar.bz2 files because of their cross-platform compatibility and superior
          compression.<br />
          WinRAR can be used to unpack these files.<br /><br />

          <b>tar.bz2 Files</b><br />
          Using a free tool called IZArc (<a href='http://www.izarc.com'>
          http://www.izarc.com</a> ) you can decompress
          these files in much the same way you would use Winzip or WinRAR.<br />
          WinRAR can also decompress these files.
        </div><br />

        <div style='float: right'><a href='#top'>Top</a></div>
        <div id='subheading'><a name='nix'>Unix / Linux</a></div><br />

        <div id='topiccontent'>
          <b>rar Files</b><br />
          As stated with windows unpacking, these files are no longer distributed
          by The Merchant team, you can use the following command to unpack
          the file.<br /><br />
          <code>rar x themerchant-NNN.rar</code><br /><br />

          <b>tar.bz2 Files</b><br />
          These files can be extracted using the following command<br /><br />
          <code>tar xvfj themerchant-NNN.tar.bz2</code>
        </div><br />

        <hr />

        <div style='float: right'><a href='#top'>Top</a></div>
        <div id='heading'><a name='installation'>Installation</a></div>
        <div id='subheading'><a name='installintro'>Introduction</a></div><br />

        <div id='topiccontent'>
          Installation of The Merchant should work on any system regardless of which
          OS or hardware configuration you have. The only software that has to be
          on your system is listed below:<br /><br />
            <li>Apache 1.3 +</li>
            <li>PHP 4.3.11 +</li>
            <li>MySQL 3 +</li>
          </ul><br />

          The reason we suggest a version of PHP greater than 5 is because The Merchant
          was coded using PHP 5, we have not provided for backward compatibility.
        </div><br />

        <div style='float: right'><a href='#top'>Top</a></div>
        <div id='subheading'><a name='setupdb'>Setting up the Database</a></div><br />

        <div id='topiccontent'>
          Before you do anything to do with setting up the game you should first create
          a database called 'themerchant', this will ensure that no SQL errors are
          generated when you go to the administration panel.<br /><br />

          Using phpMyAdmin you can easily create a database.
        </div><br />

        <div style='float: right'><a href='#top'>Top</a></div>
        <div id='subheading'><a name='wizard'>The installation wizard</a></div><br />

        <div id='topiccontent'>
          The wizard is pretty selfexplanatory, but there are a few things that should
          be mentioned that we have noticed either people overlook or don't understand
          what we mean by certain things.<br /><br />

          Firstly, to get to the installation, just go to the directory in which you
          extraced The Merchant on your webserver. The script will then do a check to
          see if it is installed, if not it will direct you to the installation script.
          Here you will see a few checks on your system, if everything is reported as
          being Ok, then you can proceed, the only setting that can show as Problematic
          is the php setting for 'register_globals'. If it is on, then it will tell you
          so, this shouldn't pose a problem to the game, but it is better to turn it off
          so that there is no security hole in the game.<br />
          One of the errors thay may occur is your configuration file, if it is not
          located it will report as Failed, subsequently the next check, which checks
          to see if the file is writeable, will also fail, you can ignore these problems
          because the script will create this file on its own.<br /><br />

          Step 1 is pretty easy, just fill in the form so that the game will know which
          settings to use to be able to connect to the database server. Note that at this
          time, the table prefix setting does not work, there has been no request for
          it, it is only there in case it is ever needed in the future.<br /><br />

          Step 2 will inform you if there is a problem connecting to the database, not
          much you can do here.<br /><br />

          Step 3 will only write everything to the configuration file, all you can do
          here is click the next button.<br /><br />

          Step 4 will populate the database, again, nothing to do here.<br /><br />

          Step 5 is where you configure your first game zone, <u><b>please</b></u> read the
          instructions at the top of the page, they contain details about the
          fields you must complete, they are <u><b>not</b></u> going to be repeated here.<br /><br />

          Step 6 just shows you what you entered for the game zone, you cannot
          do anything here, if you made a mistake you will have to fix it in the
          database itself. <b>Note</b> the tick time shown on this page is in seconds,
          so if you chose a tick time of 60 minutes, it will show you 3600 seconds.<br /><br />

          Step 7 asks you for information on your initial galaxy, there are notes on this
          step that tell you what each field is, it also has a set of defaults, if you
          don't want to customize anything, these defaults should suite your needs.<br /><br />

          Step 8 simply displays your settings, and it shows the progress of the creation
          of your galaxy.<br /><br />

          Step 9 is where you will create the first account for The Merchant, this account
          has admin rights to the game and moderator status for the first game zone.
          Since you are the admin, you will be able to remove yourself as a moderator
          of the games and only act as an admin, but it is not necessary to do so.<br /><br />

          Step 10 is actually quite useless, but it does tell you that everything went well,
          your game should be running now.<br /><br />

          <b>NOTE!</b> Your server is set up by default to be a beta server, which means
          that you will not be able to create an account without a beta tester password,
          the password is 'nbetap' by default. You can go to the Sign-Up page and enter this
          password and then you will be able to create an account.<br />
          If you have a mail server set up, you will then receive an email containing
          an activation code, you can then activate your account like normal.<br />
          If you don't have an email server, all is not lost, just go into the database,
          in the 'users' table you should be the only entry, simply edit this record
          and set the 'activated' option to 1.<br />
          You will now be able to log into the game and play.<br /><br />

          Now that the game is installed, it is recommended that you either delete
          or rename the installation script, it is not password protected like the
          other universe creation scripts are, so it could pose a security problem
          for your game.
        </div><br />

        <hr />

        <div style='float: right'><a href='#top'>Top</a></div>
        <div id='heading'><a name='support'>Support Locations</a></div>
        <div id='subheading'><a name='irc'>IRC Channel</a></div><br />

        <div id='topiccontent'>
          Support for The Merchant can be found on our IRC channel, there usually is
          someone there that will be able to help you, the following conventions are
          used in the channel:
          <br /><br />
            <li><b><u>Op (@)</u></b><br />
            These people are usually the developers of the project, they
            are quite busy with the coding of the game, but can sometimes answer
            your questions.</li>
            <li><b><u>Half-Op (%)</u></b><br />
            These people are the official support team for
            The Merchant, they will always be able to answer any question you have
            about the game, it can be game-play or even setting up your own
            game server. Some of these people may also be game admins.</li>
            <li><b><u>Voices (+)</u></b><br />
            This is an honourary token given to all people
            that have contributed significantly to the project, they could have
            contributed ideas, or brought more people to the game. Some of these
            people have even been with the game since the beginning, so you could
            also ask them questions about game-play, though they won't be able
            to answer questions on the physical coding of the game.</li>
          </ul><br />

          Our channel is located here:<br /> <br />
          IRC Server: irc.hypermutt.com<br />
          Port: 6667<br />
          Channel: #TM<br /><br />

          One final note, if you have any questions that are already answered in
          this guide, you will simply be referred to it. If you don't understand
          something mentioned in this guide, we will be glad to help you.

        </div><br />

        <div style='float: right'><a href='#top'>Top</a></div>
        <div id='subheading'><a name='forums'>Forums</a></div><br />

        <div id='topiccontent'>
          Our forums are located at <a href='http://forums.the-merchant.co.uk'>
          http://forums.the-merchant.co.uk</a> All categories have a description, otherwise
          you simply follow normal etiquette as you would on other forums.<br /><br />
  </table><br /><br />

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