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//Enter your MySQL database host name. Most often it is localhost.
$db_host = "localhost";

//Enter your MySQL database name.
$db_name = "database_name";

//Enter your MySQL database username.
$db_username = "database_username";

//Enter your MySQL database password.
$db_password = "database_password";

//Create a site salt. The site salt is used in pasword encryption and authentication.n//**if you change this after the install all passwords will have to be reset**
$sitesalt = "f4q4l1c14";

//Enter script location with no ending slash. (example 1: thehostcore.com) (example 2: thehostcore.com/subfolder)
$siteurl = "thehostcore.com";

//Enter name of index file. If you changed the name of the index.php file enter that name otherwise enter index.php
$index = "index.php";

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